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Smart Grid Live (By wlfx )

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Smart Grid Live Discussion

Alan (ajs5274)
Feb 20 2012 at 12:44
47 posts
When will you look to add another pair and which one? or up the risk a bit?

Feb 20 2012 at 14:03
3 posts

Before answering your question, let me explain some of my thoughts:

1. Markets are being very slow since January, so we are exposed to longer floating drawdown periods. That's why I'm limiting AUDNZD to long positions, because it brings me positive swap with my broker (Alpari UK). So I can withstand longer floating drawdown periods without losing money.

2. To compensate for this, I plan to add another currency pair, but also limited to only trade in 'positive swap direction'. I could use AUDCAD on long positions or GBPAUD on short positions, which gives me a very nice positive swap. I'm still testing GBPAUD on demo and it seems a good candidate.

So, to your questions: I'm planning to add another pair, AUDCAD or GBPAUD, but not until the ongoing AUDNZD trading cycle closes. I will not up the risk, because my balance is too small for that. You can however leverage risk on your side, if you have a larger balance than me. But be careful. Actually, with these slow markets, I would not multiply lotsize if I hadn't at least $5,000 balance.

If markets begin to move faster (like they did last year) or if I reach at least a balance of $2,000, I will return to trade both directions on all pairs, just as I do with my other signals, where I started with $2,000 and actual balance is around $5,000.

I expect profits to drip in a little faster with the addition of the second pair :)


Feb 22 2012 at 12:40
3 posts
Update: due to the sudden 'awakening' of the market I've decided to add GBPAUD inmediately and it already has rendered it's profits!
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