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SolidFX Invest Discussion
Jun 08 2013 at 07:54
3 posts
Hello, this is Pablo from SolidFX Invest.

I wish to share with you our work. It took us almost 2 years but we managed to produce 3 stable EAs so far with 3 different strategies offered in one signal.

Our EAs obey these rules:
-maximum one trade at the same time.
-fixed lot size.
-strategies for early closure to avoid bigger loss.
-variable SL depending on time
-variable TP depending on time
-coherent SL/TP ratio
-fast scalper to avoid swap or weekends

We also offer managed accounts with Axitrader and Alpari UK.

Feel free to make any questions.

Best regards,

FxMasterGuru (FxMasterGuru)
Jun 17 2013 at 07:48
1607 posts

What happened? For 1 week there has been no one single trade from your 4 EA's. Prior to that there were trades every day... Also, no response to inquiry via PM...

Are you stiill around? Are the strategies still running...?

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Jul 01 2013 at 21:12
3 posts
Everything is still working as you can see we're still in positive territory. 3 EAs are running now.

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