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Steady Profit 1 (By David )

Gain : +80.7%
Drawdown 12.73%
Pips: 855.5
Trades 358
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:400
Trading: Unknown

Steady Profit 1 Discussion

David (Trading2009)
Nov 04 2015 at 09:11
38 posts
Rent my EA for free. The EA runs with steady 10% average return monthly with very low DD
It only trades Eurusd and it is an Averaging strategy instead of Martingale strategy. The EA does not trade regularly, but only trade with strict rule of the strategy. The purpose of trading is not volume but profit!

Please check out the accounts below:
Acc 1:721115 Investor password:abc123 ,Server IP:
Acc 2: 15020470 Investor password:abc888 ,Server IP:
Acc 3: 16023948 Investor password:abc123 ,Server IP:
Acc 4: 3083394 Investor password:abc123 ,Server IP:
Acc 5: 15019935 Investor password:abc123,Server IP:
Acc 6: 3084974 Investor password:abc123 ,Server IP:
Acc 7: 721177 Investor password:abc888 ,Server IP:
Acc 8: 513824 Investor password:abc123 ,Server IP:

The investor password would be changed constantly
Please PM me or email [email protected]
Nov 11 2015 at 16:36
1916 posts
'Rent my EA for free'

you mean.....? where?
Nov 14 2015 at 13:45
83 posts
most likely IB..

In London, they host many IB event with EA for free. IronFX is one of the biggest of them...
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