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Steinitz Fractal Breakout (By steinitz )

The user has deleted this system.

Steinitz Fractal Breakout Discussion

Jay (jaynier91)
Feb 08 2012 at 09:42
8 posts
LOL. I have no relations with Steinitz. Just one of his system user. But ya, it was tough back then using this system. Lots of losses if you don't know how to handpick the arrow. The key to this system is to have the knowledge of handpicking the trades entry points. Not all arrow are good for the trade. Im combining it with my own technical analysis methods. Trendlines, channels, divergence and all. I guess different people have different trading experience with it. I will agree if Steinitz enable the refund system for those unfortunate ones.

Feb 08 2012 at 10:05
15 posts
But you see, the greedy dude knows that if he comes with a refund system, he won't make any money since his systems don't work.

Feb 08 2012 at 10:56
15 posts
I guess he is working on a new Ea. Since his greed is out of control, he might sell it at $20000 to newbies.

Feb 09 2012 at 12:54
22 posts
How come you guys aren't chirping now? I understand your frustration of being a losing trader for your entire lifetime, no doubt. That's how I started but if it makes you feel better to diss somebody else that's pretty sad.
And yes I do charge like anyone that's a professional for my 17 years experience. Sit back and watch and don't be hatten!

Feb 09 2012 at 13:08
15 posts
Facts man!, facts don't lie. None of your EAs make money, it's a fact. I know we are living in a facts free environment but please show us only one of your real account with your ea making money for at least 6 months (with real money management, not the nonsense one for newbies). By the way i am among traders who trade for living, my experience allows me to spot craps.

Feb 09 2012 at 13:37
22 posts
I am trading this method and showing the world my mastery over 4X. Talk is cheap so let's see your results on a my FX book like this so we can follow you. Show me anything. I don't care but demo or live but show me something. I promise I will crush you with my results. Are you up for the challenge?

Feb 09 2012 at 14:20
15 posts
I don't have to, I am not selling anything, you do. Please just show 6 months of live trading with one of your ea showing real profit.

Walt Rines (odysseus11)
Feb 09 2012 at 20:16
19 posts
First of all you nitwits, you keep yammering about Don's EA's, but this system is his manual trading using the SFBI, not an EA. Secondly, when the average trade length is 2 or 3 hours or whatever it is here, there is no difference between demo account vs live account results. So if you want to criticize go right ahead, but at least make logical sense.

Feb 09 2012 at 23:07
15 posts
Thanks Walt, i agree with you that his EAs are worthless. I hope that the $500 you spent to learn about his stop loss for the manual system is working for you.

Feb 09 2012 at 23:36
22 posts
Micheldutogo why would you make a stupid comment about a stoploss when my trades clearly don't have a stoploss shown? Are you just starting trouble on your or simply trolling? Are you looking for a tidbit of information without paying for it? If you don't believe in my methods why are you here?

The Steinitz fractal custom indicator is the only indicator on my chart. What's different is the set of rules which are available to serious traders that understand the value of knowledge which is learned over a period of time or purchased to expedite and reduce the learning curve.

Walt Rines (odysseus11)
Feb 09 2012 at 23:43
19 posts
Michel, my comment wasnt about his EA's. I *have* purchased some of them in the past. I dont currently use any of them now. I *do* use the SFBI very profitably. Period. And NONE of the opinions on Don's EA's is relevant in the discussion here regarding his MANUAL system. As I already pointed out, whether this account is live or demo is irrelevant, it is still valid results and stats reporting, and given the length of trades the results should *NOT* vary between demo and live. If you are as 'experienced' as you claim, you would know that. So stick to the topic, watch the stats here, and shut your piehole. But I appreciate your concern for my cash - I can assure you I spend it wisely.

Feb 10 2012 at 02:03
15 posts
I appreciate the fact that yu are not using his EAs anymore since they are craps and he knows it but still selling them. Apparently yu think that it is honest to promote products that don't work. Now you focus on the SFBI. I can find thousands free manual indicators that give you arrows, it does not mean much since you have to be an experienced trader to pick the good ones.

Feb 10 2012 at 02:12
22 posts
Micheldutogo is:

1. Sour
2. Envious of successful people
3. likes to bash to feel better
4. On here because he wants to see success at work
5. Is off his medicine

yours truely

Feb 10 2012 at 02:53
15 posts
Not true.

1. None of your EAs work (so envious of craps?)
2. Show us 6 successful months of EA live trading record
3. 99% of EAs or manual indicators come with at least 30-60 days return policy, yours don't since you know they don't work
4. Only newbies will pay you $500 to learn the same thing you've already explained in the video that come with the indicator and you know it, but cash is cash right?

In order to redeem yourself, be honest and apply at least the 60 days return policy, so newbies won't be stock with craps.


Feb 10 2012 at 02:58
22 posts

Because you're asking for a guarantee we have two satellite websites that showcase two of our most popular Forex products. The reason we have separate websites was for affiliates to make money not only trading our robots but offering them for sale. We offer some of the highest affiliate commissions anywhere at 66%.
Please check our other websites with a 60 day moneyback guarantee: <<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<

Feb 10 2012 at 03:06
63 posts
I have personaly used Don's mtf HAS method, and Directional bot, My brother in law for years used the wave runner, and fractal method. After years of use of these methods just like any other methods they do work. Most of the time when something isnt working for a trader they need to look in a mirror to find their problem. Has something changed in the markets they are trading? Is the trader following the rules of the method? Is the trader using correct money and risk managment? So with that being said Don's indicators are well put together in my opinion even though flipping a coin can be a profitable method if you have anything better than that you have a winning method. I was using the mtf HAS method before it was even a bot I know it works. I have seen my brother in laws acct using the fractal breakout for years i know it works. But before bashing/blaiming someone or even a broker most traders only need to look in a mirror to find their true problem.

You will never go broke by taking profits
Feb 10 2012 at 03:12
22 posts
To Forexmaxims:

That's a very well written piece of advice. Markets change all the time and that's why a manual trader can always do much better than something programmed robotically. I've never seen any robot including mine that can compare with a manual trader. No secret here and I commonly tell my new customers to look for a manual system if they're depending on revenue to make money either supplemental or full-time.

When I 1st started trading I thought the brokers were looking at my account and purposely doing everything they could to cause me to lose money. I was just new and had no idea what my game plan was. Trading Forex is so much more difficult than any card counting, tracking roulette wheels, hidden computer casino play or professional no limit poker. All those things yet very technical don't compare to the complexity of the Forex market.

Feb 10 2012 at 03:24
15 posts
Sure, can any Steinitz fan show me some proof here,since he can't produce any himself?. Again and again Live account with at least 6 months track record.

Steinitz, i appriciate both sites with 60 day moneyback guarantee, i knew about them but yu see yu can't fool me. I know your game pretty well. Here is the strategy:

1. The product come out first without the moneyback guarantee for at least a year i believe (or little less), the time to trick newbies
2. After selling the crap for a while and pile lot of cash, open a 'satellite website this time with moneyback guarantee' but too late for newbies that are stuck with craps.

Feb 10 2012 at 05:29
22 posts
Your sick. I am outta here

Feb 10 2012 at 10:23
60 posts

Lets all stop with the attacks.

To be honest all problems occurred (from memory) when steinitz wanted to charge $500 for his services on the new way to trade his indicator.

Unfortunately for him, this occurred just before the 1st draw down, but before this had traded the account well to 100% increases.

However as he does not want to disclose the risk taken per trade it would be folly to pay $500, when it seems the stops are based on some sort of equity calculation maybe 20% risk per trade or just hold and hope..

Give this account another month or two and the results will speak for themselves.. Just keep an eye on the equity vs balance.

My guess is that the account will be blown / deleted / or hidden within the new 2-3 months. Currently in another draw down which I guess is likely to be GBP/AUD or something similar.

If it isn't I might consider throwing $500 dollars to find out how the new trading method for this indicator.

Again, please lets let the results speak for themselves.

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