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Strategy 24a (By Levich )

The user has deleted this system.

Strategy 24a Discussion

Sep 11 2017 at 06:40
5 posts
When do you plan to close equity?
Sep 21 2017 at 06:56
4 posts

Do you trade manual or by robots? Can you describe your strategy?

Thank you
Oct 08 2017 at 06:45
9 posts
Oct 15 2017 at 11:35
4 posts
Interesting strategy, I sent message to PM.
Oct 20 2017 at 09:05
15 posts

I use 56 advisors portfolio on various currency pairs with very small lots to reduce risks.
Copying will be available later.
Roman B (Harpoonius)
Oct 22 2017 at 06:49
2 posts
We're supposed to believe that after 1,400 trades, the biggest loss was 4 pips? And 99% wins with 1:5 risk:reward? This is so obviously FAKE.
Oct 22 2017 at 14:23
15 posts
Thank you for your comment.
I have negative too, but they are still floating. When will be a time equity will be closed to a balance.
Roman B (Harpoonius)
Oct 23 2017 at 06:23
2 posts
This account is a magician's illusion. PLEASE KEEP READING, and I will expose Levich's manipulation.

It's very easy to MANIPULATE the total floating loss / drawdown to look like a small percentage of the account. Notice how Levich does not publish total deposits.

Here's how Levich manipulates his account to look so good:

He starts with a small account, let's say $100. We start seeing only his winning trades, but of course his drawdown quickly exceeds his winning trades. No worries! He deposits more money, say, another $500, and keeps putting out those winning trades. Now, his drawdown is a much smaller PERCENTAGE of his total deposits. And when his drawdown gets ugly again, you guessed it, he DEPOSITS more $. This way, his drawdown always LOOKS small, and we never see what his floating loss is.

The reason why he has not started offering trade copying on this account yet, is because as soon as he does, people will instantly see their account go into the red. His plan is to get as much hype built up as possible, and then make a 'quick buck' with several subscribers before they go running for the hills from their massive drawdown. So, he needs as many people 'on the boat' first, before he sinks it.

summary of red flags:

1. Many crucial account metrics are hidden from us
2. He has not activated this account for trade copying yet
3. His account looks better than if God was trading
MamPower (scambuster)
Oct 23 2017 at 14:16
78 posts
Very good explanation
Be calm in every situation
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