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Strategy 57 (By Levich )

The user has deleted this system.

Strategy 57 Discussion

Jun 13 2017 at 06:32
5 posts
Is this some hedging or martingale system? Can you give some more information?
Jul 04 2017 at 06:26
15 posts

I can provide you information about trading here
It is not hedging and martin system. Trading is coming on the base of correlation of currency pairs.

Best regards
Jul 05 2017 at 06:20
7 posts

hi there,

i see on signalstart that your tp values are aound 14 to 24 pips or so.

but you have some eu buy trades open from may 2 which are way past 24 pips in positive territory. also you have some eu sells which are negative way past 24 pips.

so this looks hedged to me.

does your ea cross check between all 4 ea running on eu and trade accordingly ??
Rustan mallari (tankbeta)
Jul 06 2017 at 05:48
171 posts
no losses?
Plan your trades and trade your plans.
Jul 07 2017 at 05:49
2 posts
Beware don´t waste your money his so called EA portfolio is useless. I was that stupid to buy that crap. His accounts are showing fake trades. SCAM
Jul 19 2017 at 14:18
1 posts
Is his Expert Adviser really work or scam?
Wilson (Wilsonyu7621)
Sep 27 2017 at 06:33
1 posts
Hi Sir

If I am going to buy the EA... What service will I get ?? will you tell me the setting of the EA ?? What ccy should I use ?
When there is will... There is a way
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