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Stratos1 (By stratos )

Gain : +497.99%
Drawdown 32.58%
Pips: 1432.4
Trades 906
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:30
Trading: Automated

Stratos1 Discussion

Jun 28 2015 at 06:28
15 posts
Jun 28 2015 at 15:25
13 posts
penomagh posted:
good system

Thank you :)

Oct 09 2016 at 08:00
14 posts
I was about to add you on signal start, then I noticed that your chart has been reduce not to show the legging beginning bur t most of all that your track record is not verified, therefore I got a bit cold about it.
Why haven't you verified the track record and why you don't do it?

Dec 15 2016 at 07:44
14 posts

at the end I added you nevertheless the track record issue. Although I see that the last trades is 1 month old. Are you still trading?

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