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Jul 25 2011 at 20:21
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hi dear ,is it the trendmaster ea that is available on the market? can you post the link to get?
Tim (Tiger7F168)
Jul 26 2011 at 16:26
40 posts
What ea is this?
Jesus is the Only Way
Jul 27 2011 at 02:57
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I wanted to know I you were using an E.A. or E.A.? if so which one's ? Because, I am a novice I am hoping to find recommendations and maybe even a little guidance.
Jul 29 2011 at 02:30
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rob559 posted:
    hi dear ,is it the trendmaster ea that is available on the market? can you post the link to get?

   hi dear,this is a private EA,I have not decided whether to sell in the market!
Tim (Tiger7F168)
Jul 29 2011 at 02:41
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please consider
Jesus is the Only Way
suren (suren)
Aug 10 2011 at 20:42
6 posts
i was wondering do u want to exchane ea with me? this way we both get benifit? i think my ea is good
Aug 11 2011 at 07:32
9 posts

It is very interesting ea!!

If possible, I want to buy your ea.

Plz give me a e-mail info.

Anyway thank you.
SingaporeTrader (matrix)
Aug 11 2011 at 08:47
15 posts
U sell this EA by now?
Aug 11 2011 at 19:00
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If you sell the ea please let me know - thanks
Aug 16 2011 at 16:09
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hi trades,If you like this style and performance,I can manage account for you, through the PAMM solution, no manage fee ,no increase trade cost, just performance fee(30%) and follow high water mark.

high water mark:( )

see details:

We use dukascopy's PAMM, it's true ECN, good spread,low commission,larger liquidity, do not worry about dukascopy don't support MT4, their trading platform offers API and java is more powerful then mql4.

This account use very high risk, but every trade has a hard stop loss and every trade max risk 5% of whole account, and sometimes holding several positions at the same time, so drawdown maybe larger. However, according to the probability of winning and calculate, for long-term the more you suffer the more you gain.
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