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Sun Pips (By scalpingpro)

Gain : +60.91%
Drawdown 58.68%
Pips: 473.4
Trades 224
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Automated

Sun Pips Discussion

Feb 20 2014 at 08:23
19 posts
How come the result of Jan. is 213 % , and Feb. 14 %, I know the month of Feb. 2014 not yet finished, but the maximum may close is about 30 %, , it is very big difference between the two results of the two months, this indicates that their were manual trading during the month of Jan. Is it right ?
Because every EA on FPA, makes the same thing, it is a well know game, you make many manual trading in the first month of the EA, to show high profit, then the EA will be No. 1 on FPA, for about two weeks, then the published weekly profit starting going down, till it becomes normal about 6 or 7%. During those two weeks many stupid people will buy your EA, thinking it will make them monthly return like the first month of the EA.

Feb 20 2014 at 13:42
3 posts
don't advertize itself, at the expense of an insult me.
You have proofs that I am SCAM?
except mere words?
I can't guarantee 213% every month.
It is FOREX, and it is necessary to be the Idiot what to promise 213% every month.
If watched tests, you see that my EA sometimes does on 3% a month, sometimes 400%. Everything depends on the market.
Silly to offend the person if EA doesn't do every month on 213%.
It isn't necessary to envy my EA. And to offend me and my clients.

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