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SuperTwin A (By dollar2u )

The user has deleted this system.

SuperTwin A Discussion

Dec 26 2010 at 16:06
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Dear Account Manager,

I hope you had a merry Christmas, and wish you a very good new year 2011.
Thanks for giving me your fxbook which I had a quick read at it and I also visited your blog.

If I may, I have few questions for you:

- Do you have fxbook of longer period of trading, like 2 to 3 years?
- Re: brokers, can your client choose any broker they like?
Instaforex is out of choice, it is listed as a scam on internet by several traders. and, which I assume both of them are one. And on your blog you have a link that goes to Thai affiliate site, are you from Thailand? And why your client must regsiter with Fxclearing through your affiliate or IB any link with a broker?
Once I was learned, having a managed account through their affiliate links is just like either way they are winning.
When the account is in profit, the fund manager earn performance fee. When the account is losing, the fund manager is earning commission and profit sharing from the broker. I am sorry, I am not accusing anything here.

I read fxclearing is moderately ranked, and they have local banks for deposit and payout purposes. But, with fxclearing you are requesting master MT4 password which I think is not a suitable way from client's point of view. And, I don't think they provide account login to their website which differs from MT4 password in any case when MT4 password is stolen the account owner can retreat it back.

Masterforex could be a nice one.

- Performance fee. Is it true you are having 30% of total winning of the month only. For example, let's say at the end of 30th or 31st, winning is $ 100, then $30 goes to you, and the latest transfer to you is on 5th of next month.
If there is losing on that month, then you earn nothing.

- Technical. Which technique are you using? any emergency stop loss? How you handle those crazy period when the spread is some 50 to 90 pips. It may sounds a crazy question but well it happens many times with many brokers.

By the way what is the mininum deposit to start with and for which system of yours?

Thank you, I hope that is not too much to you.

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