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T1 - Macan 1K (By superguiness79 )

Gain : +108.01%
Drawdown 63.29%
Pips: 4294.7
Trades 189
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Unknown

T1 - Macan 1K Discussion

Aug 06 2014 at 06:37
1 posts
Goal of the account is to provide good ROI and Respectable Volume to the clients. Active risk management is used. Key fundamental analysis are determining factor to the trading directions and pairs deployment.

In event of USD 10,000/ 100,000/ 1 million or more account, it shall behave according to the same deployment ratio with a 5% to 15% risk level. Goal is to generate above 5% per month or 60% per year performance.

Current scenario:
Long USD vs Asian Currencies
Short Metals
Neutral Oil & Gold

Short EUR and Neutral GBP
Money Never Sleeps
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