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T6 Tomahawk (By Charlie Lawson )

The user has deleted this system.

T6 Tomahawk Discussion

Charlie Lawson (chazw661)
Mar 14 2019 at 07:36
2 posts
Discretionary entry on 1hr Chart. Bot trades 1min chart in direction of signal on larger timeframe.

Charlie Lawson (chazw661)
Mar 15 2019 at 08:17
2 posts
1st few weeks of testing. Bot is out performing identical single trades taken on discretionary account. I start the Bot when I have an entry on 1hr chart...and take a single discretionary trade at the same time. I then exit both systems when i get a signal of change in direction on same 1hr chart. So far the Bot has captured more pips and has had a higher dollar P/L in 99% of the trades taken.

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