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Jan 16 2016 at 13:07
52 posts
I'm following your system with interest and I'm deciding if subscribe it through
Some questions:
1. What's your experience as trader?
2. Is it this system fully automated (EA) and through what indicators the signals are generated?
3. How long are you using this system and how many/what kind of back and forward test did you perform before to start selling signals on signalstart?
4. Why are you using a DEMO account and not a real one?! Don't you trust in your system enough, maybe?
Many thanks for your reply in advance.

Feb 14 2016 at 07:27
52 posts
Hello FTB.
Yours mr alfio and mr frank are both almost died (to not speak about sir joker fox which has 33% equity by now!), while target month ten percent is the only one still on track.
It's very weird you're trading with a lot more attention and skills a demo account (like target month ten percent is) instead of mr alfio and frank which are both real ones!
You're trading very wisely target month ten percent and I really like it so far: please, keep doing this way, mantaining low leverage and risk and don't be greedy!
I stopped mr alfio by myself (getting some loss!) but I'm still copying target month ten percent system on my live account and I appreciated this morning when you closed some gbpusd long positions in loss to getting flat, in order to start a new trades cicle and avoid useless risk: well done! So far, so good.
I have also a question: is target month ten percent a fully automated system or do you also intervene and manage it manually some time (like it seems you've done recently), in order to keep risk low?
Please, advise, thank you.

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