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TB with WB (By traveliron )

The user has deleted this system.

TB with WB Discussion

Nov 10 2011 at 13:57
7 posts
The Beast with White Box trading.
Set file for this Demo is attached.
It is set to .1 lot size and I have started with a $10,000 account.
This is testing the results with recovery.
12 pairs under test are:
I cannot advocate using this for live trading (yet). That's why I'm testing and sharing it. I'm especially interested in how it fares without intervention throughout the Euro tribulations. The foundation for this was from Hemingway's settings of TB.
You should diligently research TB on the Forex Factory Forums.


Nov 16 2011 at 17:31
7 posts
Because of obstinate attitudes further developments of TB will not feature on the Forex Factory forums. Instead they can be found at
Dec 10 2011 at 12:44
7 posts
Just an update really. After a month the equity has grown over 25%. That's much better than I expected, especially in the current Euro crisis.

In November the equity reduced to about 78% of the balance. This is a little too spicy for me so in late November, when equity had neared my balance, I reduced my lot size to .05 of my equity. In future I will amend the lot size as the equity changes to maintain this ratio of .01/$2000 equity.

It is the classic risk versus reward and boils down to a personal choice. The nature of The Beast is to occassionally carry deep and lengthy drawdown. I want to ensure I'm in the game even at the cost of a reduced growth rate. This is the same as Hemingway's lot sizing and that has survived magnificently from May. I'll see how it goes.
Another Brian (AnotherBrian)
Jan 19 2012 at 07:31
74 posts
I agree with you, a bit spicy. One approach though is to use it on your smaller account, so if it blows up no harm done. I wouldn't use this on my main account, 78% is way past my pain tolerance.

I know one guy runs risky EA's on small accounts and uses the profits to enrich his larger account. I find my manual trading is getting better, so yet another approach is to let TB open trades then manage them as you go, but you still need some talent to do that I think.

Good luck with the experiment. Do you use TB live with EUR shut off?
Jan 19 2012 at 11:42
7 posts
Hello Another Brian
I agree, but unfortunately I'm not well endowed with talent and doubt I have talent enough to successfully manage trades. Even if TB opens them in a favourable position I reckon I could be relied on to cock them up. Its not only my lack of talent but also my lack of available screen time to manage trades. Thats really why I want to employ an EA, not to set and forget but rather to set and monitor. Its just my personal circumstances, I want to see if I can have my cake (a life) and eat it (make money).

I forgot to mention that I changed the recovery on this account to 1.2.6 in early December along with the lot size reduction.

I do still have EUR pairs on my TB live account despite lots of warnings. My TB live account was actually mostly depleted by other experiments before I put TB on to the case so I've almost mentally resigned that account as lost. I may as well just see how TB gets on with the remnants even with the EUR pairs still active.

Thanks for your positive contributions on Steve's forums. Amateurs such as myself rely heavily on sage advice given from experienced traders. I'll have a closer look at your Tipster Trendlines tool. Like all manually traded systems it must vary with the individual, but are you personally having an overall positive return with this?
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