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Teds 1417 (By Ted Marsay )

The user has deleted this system.

Teds 1417 Discussion

Mar 01 2011 at 18:35
17 posts
hi , can you share your zulu settings ?

Faisal Mahmood (fmhamood)
Mar 03 2011 at 01:06
5 posts
Hi I am interested in this too...

Mar 13 2011 at 08:07
4 posts
hi, i opened account in zulutrade with using aaafx broker, can u tell me your settings, please, i want to use your settings in my account, my email is 😄

Mar 14 2011 at 05:13
2 posts
hallo,i have a zulutrade account . can you please tell me what´s your signalprovider-name

Mar 15 2011 at 17:15
4 posts
Hi TedsZulu, once again i am requesting, i want to follow your signal providers with your settings, plzz reply me, my mail is

Ted Marsay (teapotted)
Mar 16 2011 at 05:41
3 posts
Many thanks for the interest shown in my trades. I was not looking for followers when I made my TedsZulu account public, I did it for the benefit of my many Zulu/ AAAfx Affiliates, however, as there has been so much interest from people wanting to follow my trades, I am trying to introduce a system to enable this. If and when I can overcome some technical issues, I will contact you with the details.

I have been replying to questions sent to me through the 'Mail' Tab on Myfxbook but had not even noticed the discuss option. I am new to Myfxbook and still finding my way around, so apologies for the delay.

Please check out my 'General' Tab on TedsZulu where I will post any new information.

Regards Ted

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