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thebomb (By zzzero )

The user has deleted this system.

thebomb Discussion

May 17 2011 at 19:38
1367 posts
negative 590% and i kept the drawdown down to a reasonable level!!!

yes, i am selling this EA.

come and get it.


May 17 2011 at 19:50
1367 posts
i cant seem to get this account verified.

maybe i should unhide my broker?

i am a pure scam ponzi operator.


Total Recall (TotalRecall)
May 17 2011 at 22:06
28 posts

this system rocks!

there are too many fake systems around here.

but this one is real. i like it :)

May 17 2011 at 23:34
1367 posts
hello mr totalrecall,

for the umpteenth time, i think that i may have finally finished this piece of work.

my system is not verified, period.

but then, who would ever bother concocting a fake negative 590% system?

my broker does not isisue investor passworrds anyways.

as i am foolish enough to think again that i might have finally finished this work, i thought it appropriate to publicly show the pain of my struggles, mein kampf.

my work is inspired by a couple of physics theories and also incorporates a quirk, of sorts, from the field of three dimensional mathematics.

it is always a pleasure to have you stop by, mr recall.


May 18 2011 at 01:15
1367 posts
current balance: 128.21

May 18 2011 at 01:33
104 posts
Hi zzzero,
Would you try to reverse the entries and improve de risk management.
Maybe a backtest could show some profit.
Best regards.


I Trade You Profit. Forex is suitable for smart and patient people...
uda (uda7805)
May 18 2011 at 01:51
103 posts
Hello zzzero,
I can't see your open trades. Perhaps they are still floating and one day it goes up to your expectation?
I'm sorry, just join FX and perhaps you can share your strategy. First few months shows negative growth and still continue?

Hantam la labuuu. Harap rezeki kat FX nih...
May 18 2011 at 02:16
1367 posts
you will never be able to see my open trades.

access to my open trades is allowed on a case by case basis.

all cases will be denied.

updating of myfxbook only happens after i close a position.

thank you.

i think that my math calcs are fixed.

losses may be a thing of the past.


May 18 2011 at 21:02
1367 posts
May 18 2011 at 21:49
1367 posts
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