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TioOso (By Tio Oso )

Gain : +45.31%
Drawdown 82.82%
Pips: -792.7
Trades 532
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Automated

TioOso Discussion

Tio Oso (TioOso)
Aug 12 2011 at 19:40
18 posts
On Aug 4 2011 I installed the EA Million Dollar Pips And yopu can see how it works out. At that point I had USD 3920 in the account.
Aug 12 2011 at 22:18
313 posts
with draw some money or veryfyaccount please
Aug 13 2011 at 20:12
45 posts
looks great,
what's the leverage on this account? must be high since the broker allowed you 11 standard lots😎
keep it up,
Tio Oso (TioOso)
Aug 15 2011 at 09:08
18 posts

kishorejoga posted:
    with draw some money or veryfyaccount please

I will verify account soon. Tio Oso
Tio Oso (TioOso)
Aug 17 2011 at 08:44
18 posts
I will go to Togo tomorrow so I will not be able to verify. But in September, maybe 😉
Aug 17 2011 at 14:35
1916 posts
are you using it on jpn/us as well?
Tio Oso (TioOso)
Aug 17 2011 at 15:45
18 posts
Not jpy/usd. You can see in history. mdp is after Aug 4.
Aug 18 2011 at 06:37
22 posts
Could u please share your settings and let us know whether u had any problems with re-quotes and 'invalid SL' ?

Aug 19 2011 at 01:13
1916 posts
are you using default setting?

i started too at gomarket ,will see how good it is at this broker🙄

btw what vps?
Aug 23 2011 at 12:03
28 posts
hello, I put also mdp into Alpari Uk account but I red on another forum that the Alpari UK account is useless for mdp. What do you think about that? I think we have the same problem if there is a problem.
Tio Oso (TioOso)
Sep 15 2011 at 06:54
18 posts
I run this Million Dollar Pips version 1.1.6 EA in MT4 on my home computer in Norway. I have a Classic account with Alpari UK.

These are my settings:

Configuration================= Configuration
NumOrders_Level_Info_1=Range of 0..4, adjusts Number of Trades
NumOrders_Level_Info_2=0=Max Profit% 4=Max Num.Trades/Rebates
Additional_Channels_Info_1=Range of 0..8
Additional_Channels_Info_2=Safely improves trading frequency
Slippage_Info_1=Lower value improves profit rate,
Slippage_Info_2=higher: trades more but less accurately
Username=Not for you to know
Magic=Not for you to know
FIFO_Info_1=if Simultaneous_Orders>1 ,
FIFO_Info_2=u.s. citizens should turn it on
FIFO_Info_3=(required for NFA compliance)
OrderCmt=MDP_EURUSD_1.1.6 Real
Pessimistic_Testing_Info_1=Simulate bad live account conditions
Pessimistic_Testing_Info_2=during backtesting (i.e. Slippages)
Pessimistic_Testing_Info_3=(this has no effect in FIFO mode :
Pessimistic_Testing_Info_4= +turn off FIFO for 'optimistic')
Funky_Exit_Info=Exit trades sooner
AutoApply_ECN_Info_1=Use ECN account settings automatically
AutoApply_ECN_Info_2=when ECN conditions detected
Money_Management=---------------- Money Management
Risk_Info_1=Fixed risk % of balance per order
Risk_Info_2=NOTE : Trading volume is very variable
Risk_Info_3=as stop losses are in different distances
Risk_Mode_CommPips_Info_1=Risk is commensurate with target pips
Risk_Mode_CommPips_Info_2=otherwise it's only determined by %
SL_TP_Trailing=---------------- SL / TP / Trailing
Use_Stop_Orders_Info_1=Set true if 1) your broker doesn't deal with
Use_Stop_Orders_Info_2=opening slippage when executing STOP orders
Use_Stop_Orders_Info_3=and 2) broker stop level is <= 2.0 pips
Hard_Stop_Trailing_Info_1=Trailing hard Stop/Loss and Take/Profit
Hard_Stop_Trailing_Info_2=Otherwise, doing it in programmatic manner
Hard_Stop_Trailing_Info_3=and SL/TP is just for covering

Tio Oso (TioOso)
Sep 15 2011 at 07:05
18 posts
Until today I have had 452% gain. In real MDP has made it more because I started with the account last year with $6019 and had loss until August 4 2011. The gain is calculated with the deposit of $6019. On Aug 4 the amount was close to $3910. At that day I started with MDP and if I calculate with deposit of $3910 then the gain is 750%. 750% in 1 month and 11 days is beyond my imagination when I started Forex with EA's.
Thanks to the developer of MDP.
Sep 16 2011 at 06:30
129 posts

alpari UK have ndd account ?

what You think classic is better or NDD account ?
Tio Oso (TioOso)
Oct 17 2011 at 10:03
18 posts
Sorry to MDP. I stopped it. Can't go with that terrible loss. I made my own EA and started with that on Oct 14. Then we will see if it has more luck 😱
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