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Total-Real (By moneybotfx )

The user has deleted this system.

Total-Real Discussion

rfx (ranesh)
Jul 08 2011 at 07:06
257 posts
This is the rubbish you posted on my thread using yet another myfxbook account of yours :

moneybotfx posted:
    You are really straggling for more than 6 months to make any profit...Not good!!
You keep positions and equity open DD too long at the same time...Not good!
You have a negative number of pips generated after so many months...Not good!
You hide history (and capital) in a managed service account! Not good!

......You must redefine your strategy and efforts I am afraid..

- history is hidden

- balance is shown in this account (and not in the previous one) to deceive people into thinking that it is a big account. This is a cents account. Actual amount is just over Euro900 and not Euro90,000

- Total pips generated is NEGATIVE number

- longest trade 44days, trade is open too long at DD. Hold and hope.

- Total gain is only 19.51% but drawdown is bigger... >22% on closed trades.

- the curve is moving sideways from the beginning... profit factor is only 1.11. Useless.

Same story with the other accounts :

No point in talking about the other real accounts... one is not even fully verified.

And you are offering managed accounts ? Haven't you blown enough managed accounts already ? Now you have resorted to using your different identities here on myfxbook to offer managed accounts whilst attacking other members here ?


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Jul 08 2011 at 21:23
87 posts

You act repeatedly empathetically once again..You must be really jealous and I am sure you ll become more in the future...

I will repeat that I don't have multiple identities and your accusations are out of thin air...
 I am a member here since 2009.. So give us a break!


1. It is a private account for demonstration purposes, reserve the right to keep it private from not so good attitudes as yours...
 Selected people who will be seriously interested to use the system in the future will be given a private link! Simple as that!
 A limited amount of accounts and total money traded will be enforced...

2. It is not my mistake that my fxbook and specific broker shows cents accounts like that...I never tried to deceive anyone..
    Certainly our systems are at initial stage with mostly small accounts after some demo period and soon more real accounts with greater deposits will be added. In any case really big accounts in the future (over $50K or equivalent) will be kept private..
 Furthermore some system users might also chose to hide their capital as well for their own reasons..
 So please find something else to accuse than no sense ....

3. It is a fresh account, it trades no martingale and the most negative pips are due to one system that trades really small..
  so no big effect in tottal profitability. Certainly this will be positive soon...
 Look other demo and real accounts and not trying to find silly accusations...

4. This account trades 3 SYSTEMS. One fast with average time 4 Hours, One Swing with 1 Day average hold and One LONG TERM HEDGING system that can hold many days without generating the BIG OPEN DD for MONTHS like your system...
Again you try to find something negative to say, not realizing that my yellow equity line proves you are talking lies..
If a trade is used as hedge and/or is less than 0.5% risk of account I can hold it for years in a system amaing for 100%++ a year, don't you think? Again you found an exception with no real impact to say something , not realising that you have lost the last reserve of your credibility..I think you will need another user name..Mine is from 2009..

5. Again you are judging a fresh account of less than 2 MONTHS ( First trade was 23 of MAY 2011)...Just wait a few months...You should not really trade I am afraid...

4. Ha Ha, you only know scalpers and martingale...You prove you 'd learn nothing from trading...Yes UP and DOWN and produces CONSTANT GAIN..1 STEP DOWN 2 STEPS UP..Income and Expenses..As simple as That...When you see the curve at the end of the year you will realize the stupidity of your argument...Meanwhile keep trading..We always need someone on the other side for this extra liquidity and 1:10 R:R and negative pips like your system...

Over a 1000 trades have verified profitability, so arguments for one parameter only is not backed from evidence..
You just validate your ignorance with each argument you made so far.. Come back soon and read your self and
begin to realise your incompetence..

 This account is not ECN and it is seriously truncated by the broker..In a Larger ECN account profitability will increase seriously.
Just watch a more than 10K real account that will be added in the near term.

No DIFFERENT story with other accounts, for all tastes, many systems, many accounts and all in good green shape with a promising start and a faith in long term profitability, that has been proven with quick recovery after some bad starts..

The partially verified REAL account is a temporary problem with the broker...Not a valid argument once more..
 Everybody can see from ALL other FULLY VERIFIED accounts that I have the right to trade the systems..
 Uselless Comments ONCE MORE...Totally Despicable..
I don't offer managed accounts currently. I never did so far. If you want to put money where your mouth is, let me know
 to arrange it with myfxbook...I guarantee winner profits will go to charity or comunity donation...It will be interesting to expose
 the real panic behaviour of a manager prone to failure as your demonstration shows so far...
 I provide some limited signals currently and a perfect copier bot that will be launched into selectable few..
 It is not a system for the masses for long time, someone must provide the profits...It is not a zero sum game and I am really happy for the existence of 'managers' like you!!!

No I haven't BLOWN even a personal real account as I was usually stopped trading after reaching max DD levels in my initial FX steps..
But yes, I forgot that I' ve blown millions or billions of accounts in my back testing....

Don't take it personal. I don't offer managed services. You offer and once you have a system PUBLIC here you must learn to accept CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM..



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Jul 09 2011 at 02:34
87 posts
I would like to correct my self above...

Forex is a zero sum day in absolute terms, even if some money is literally generated on the fly by the FED or the ECB or what ever sub-governmental organization wherever..
Capital must be lost from some to be transferred to some others...A portion of it is feeding the retail and banking industry for the liquidity service...

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Jul 09 2011 at 03:00
87 posts
A bit more info about the systems, as this guy (ranesh) really tried to destroy the huge effort and cost behind good long term system development.

Out of 11 years back-testing every single year is profitable with every system of my 3 big ones having a worst case of around 50% profit per year and up to 250% per year on each one..
Certainly in real accounts there is slippage that cuts performance by maybe 10-20% comparing to back tests... Systems use most time frames.

There are 3 main system portfolios of strategies to cover all trading conditions.

If you want to know more information, have a view in constant long term profitability, you trust a system with a total 11 Years of Hypothetical results but verified by live performance and a huge statistical edge, and have a minimum capital allocation of $10K, you can pre-register you interest as the total funds to be traded next year by the moneybotfx systems will be limited and slots also.

Best Regards
rfx (ranesh)
Jul 09 2011 at 04:04
257 posts
You obviously have no clue about how to even differentiate martingale from non-martingale systems just by looking at the chart.

Besides, the content of your posts says everything about your true intentions and your attitude.

You say you have no commercial interest whilst selling signals and offering to manage funds and hustling for managed accounts in these threads below :

fx-manager-listing-board :,11

looking-for-good-forex-traders :,1#?pt=2&p=7&o=51008

moneybotfx posted:

A limited amount of accounts and total money traded will be enforced...

you can pre-register you interest as the total funds to be traded next year by the moneybotfx systems will be limited and slots also.

You are nothing but an outright liar and a scammer.

This is a typical bait used by scammers. 'Hurry and sign up number' BS talk to hook and reel naive people into your scam, make money from their investments before eventually blowing up all their money.

Your hustling is obvious which is why there's a flurry of posts from you all of a sudden using this identity of yours.

Your attitude is no different to another user who was here.... called TradingCompany.

He did the same thing.... posted BS on my thread and attacked me and lots of others most of whom had commercial interests. (money managers, ea providers) He was simply posting BS every few mins (like you) just so that he will be listed in the 'recent Topics' on the main page... to attract attention.

Here's the thread :,1#?pt=2&p=3&o=78399

I only responded to his 1st post attacking me on my thread.

------------------ One of my responses in his thread ---------------------------
09Jan 2011

'Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.'

You certainly have proved to be an experienced idiot. So I will not get into an argument with you. Because u'll beat me with your experience.

Lets see how long your accounts will last at the current rates of return.

I'll check back in June 2011... that is if they last even that long.

--------------------------------------- his reply ---------------------------------
keep watching my trades till 2020 when you are proparbly forgotten in this site, am stiill here making the pips, i trade with what you will never do in you life, it is called 'Risk Managment' that is what keeps a good trader going

Just like I predicted, he blew up ALL of his managed accounts within 3-4months.

That's what happens to big talkers like you with ulterior motives who go around attacking others here whilst hiding behind multiple identities and claiming that your accounts will never go bust. Big talkers like you have come and gone at the rate of a dime a dozen... and there will be many more who will come.

Like I already said, lets see how many more accounts you will end up blowing.
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Jul 09 2011 at 05:19
87 posts
Sorry ranesh RWFX ( ~ P A M M ~ ) (ranesh), I really have to block you as you did, as your brain is more to the lies of marketing than trading evaluation..

Lets make thinks clear one more time about your tremendous audacity το come again with no evidence and stupid accusations to just defame, as a revenge for your very limited capability that cannot stand criticism..
Time will magnify your bad critical ability demonstrated by your actions I am afraid...

Your obsession is to try to connect me with other identities without a single piece of evidence.
I challenged you to bet money on third party judges, not be a free claimer, but you bypass it.
And shows your true character..A cheap time waster..

I never said that I will not have a commercial interest in the future about the trading systems and technology..

I just said that I do not operate (and NEVER DID) managed or PAMM accounts.
EA and SIGNALS offering is something different, don't you think? And yes some managers or investors can rent the technology in the future..So what is your problem with my market poll at this initial stage?? Jealousy??

Again, you try to accuse me for your HYPOTHETICAL Actions that I should have done to give you grounds..
What a looser tactic, THIN AIR CRAPPY TALK...!!!

I have not set up a web page yet, I do not even rent the EA yet...

And yes I will severely restrict users...
You see this tactic has been stolen from SERIOUS SYSTEM DEVELOPERS who generate constant money..

Now Scamers pose as one , but usually have no myfxbook HARD CORE evidence from SERIOUS BROKERS, only
 thin air photo-shop claims..So until you have myfxbook evidence of your claims, SILENCE PLEASE!!!!
So make the distinction deep into you mind, as you are totally confused. THERE ARE FEW GOOD SYSTEMS out there..
If you really follow my posts , you will see that I have criticised some martingale too, so certainly I know their perfect curve..
I have also given 'bravo' to worthy systems. Not yours, sorry, you took it so personal..

I have the right to demonstrate knowledge, experience and performance evidence..
I will attract the wise only and deal with the ones I choose...I would like to filter out bad trades, systems and persons...
And I don't want to attract get rich in one year newbies and naive either...
I need them on the OTHER SIDE of you. Simply as that!

You are showing me an example of an over-leverage account and try to connect it with my conservative sophisticated trading...
Probably You are watching a lot of movies and affected your fantasy...Where do you rely on?
Any evidence? Any statistical edge? Still you are convinced that I will blow accounts..Dream well.
Any bets or just cheap accusations based on assumptions...??

Hint: Ask details on forexpeacearmy..
I was once a happy's room maybe (i doubt) know the one US person lived in TOKYO, trade news and usually 0.25%
 of account risk in every trade...hunting thousands of pips a month to make it worth...

You see as in my hedge system, It lost thousands pips the last 2 months and still is profitable...It will be more profitable as has entered into an upward profitable cycle and has undergo improvements..
It must loose almost 100.000 pips to blow account...
Mean while look to demonstrate a positive pips account, even a demo one...OTHERWISE YOU ARE THE SCAMER...
So dream well..and wake up away of your empathetic illusions...


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Jul 09 2011 at 08:38
87 posts
Ok, one more clarification, as I would take the opportunity from attacks of ranesh RWFX to clarify a few things...
He still posts bad advertising into his thread, so I need to address his last silly accusations and have readers use the conversation as a temporary faq...

This guy has under ZERO credibility, as he ignores the definition of scam. He needs to go and ask in order to learn the basics...
Have you seen scammers to let initially loosing accounts become profitable or close them and open new...???
Now look carefully all the evidence and judge, who has better chances to be scammer..

He is accusing me for the temporarily sell of signals as been only from demo accounts. It is far from the truth and he didn't even bother to ask first. There is the technical capability to chose signalling from live accounts also by using the best copier robot in the market. There advantages in each choice.
Furthermore, the superXM system live has opened with AAAFX in order to provide signals (probably temporarily for a limited time) with zulutrade and rate higher due to live account status. Furthermore a much bigger live account with will be added in order to provide signals to zulutrade as well. Finally he is saying something about not trading our signals with real money and then he posts a screen-shot of our live accounts..Is this guy out of his mind completely and blind by his hate?

Finally, he is trying to convince about the dangers of blowing accounts by using a single day and an extremely bad performance of Friday. Truth is that some of the best performing systems here in myfxbook have been also hit (like forex growth and jasmine)


It was really a hard day but there are only a few like this each year..
It is more probable to have a world economic crash than have a 10 days in the row like this in order to crash my higher risk single system live account. The others will survive even then...

The point is this account is a winner so far, with every completed month in profit and currently loosing only 2% for this month.
That is it was up 9% in July untill Friday..This is how the account is seriously not only BLOWN SUPER SAFE but also positive profit resistance...

There are always chances to happen bad things in trading, sometimes from broker executions etc.... By having small risks in each trade you can withstand easy 10 looses in a row.
No so big damage to the balance and equity. And yes some accounts have great open DD..
This system closes the bad trades and does not like the tricky orange line deviation in random chaos like the incompetent PAMM ranesh RWFX has.
What you see is what you get. Period. Controlled Risk. Bad trades closed and no more risk in the same open trades..

This guy is really bad in predictions, thats why he is loosing pips..He imagines the direction of a trade the same way he imagines the future of my equity curve...

Yes mister, COMBO system works like this. It is normal to have a 5-10% negative and positive positions at times.
Sometimes negatives hit SL and close. It is factored into probabilities...Combo can quickly recover as shown so far..
Ah and demo trades very similar to live accounts.
See the COMBO extreme DEMO to see the BALANCE _ EQUITY and trading behaviour over a longer period of time...
Ah the initial drop, magnified by my configuration mistake! system has been updated and improved since then...
That's why we demo trade a serious length of time...

You 'd better play the lottery mate..You cannot manage money seriously with your silly commercial style and ridiculous R:R bot..
Wake up!


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Jul 09 2011 at 09:19
87 posts
Finally conservative traders can lower the yearly performance target and further minimize risks.
I state once more. Combo Real account has damaged performance due to some signal and strategy execution problems initially.
Also it is on 25% more risk than its demo equivalent, so don't take performance for granted.
Every trader - investor can take advantage of our SUPER tools and systems and appetize his risk levels accordingly...
Also, as in most live accounts there was a period of initial inactivity, final monthly performance can be calculating only by
 looking at the separate months graph!

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Jul 09 2011 at 10:05
87 posts
Bold LIES and Bold SCAMS to ACCUSE me with fake screen-shots of other systems...
Now the stupidity of the wannabe money manager grows exponentially by the hour...
He even posts fake manipulated screen - shots to support his non sense arguments.
Everybody can easily verify this by going into any of my systems and see that there is not a full series of 99% risk of ruin..
This guy is really at the bottom of reputation and credibility...I will report this pathetic looser and revenge behaviour..

His last accusation, (after been unable to really answer to a single one so far after my responses) is based on cut a few word,
 paraphrase their meaning and context and more importantly attributing them to a totally WRONG SYSTEM..
He fails to understand that there are 3 different systems...
I was clearly talking about my HEDGE system and the fact that survived and remained profitable after loosing thousands of pips.
Not about the system the higher risk settings COMBO real system he claims...

In any case , given the dynamic position management built into the system and the lot minimising in case of DD, the hedge system would be needed literally at least many tens of thousands of pips to blown up...

The given number was given as a very rough estimation in order to pinpoint safety concept..and not provide exact estimation..
Something like saying BLOWING ACCOUNT under normal operations and only with market forces=== MISSION IMPOSSIBLE..
I did not realised it would be attempted to attribution of another system for the usual ignorant amateur attacks.

I can't believe such a guy with such psychology wanted to manage money with PAMM...

Finally he is trying to conclude as be the factual winner out of the conversation, by betting that most people will not bother to
 read his crap no sense arguments..

People really beware!

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Jul 09 2011 at 10:46
87 posts
This guy ranesh RWFX is so obsessed and happy with the yesterday bad trading day that he likes bad statistics for that day.
He then realized that had post the wrong screen-shot..and corrects..
He said nothing about the wrong calculation of pips from another system..

Now, this is the challenge...Do you want to put your money where your mouth is?
 (Winner Money will be given to charity)

Simply choose from the risk of ruin table you post a DD target you like , from 20% and below and I will multiply this amount according to the odds given here...
If you choose that this system will loose 30% from current equity, I will give to charity 5 times from the amount you will state as a base. If you choose a 50% or %60 I will give 20 and 50 times accordingly...
If you chose over 80% aka close to BLOWN as you claim, I will seriously need to sign a contract with a lawyer or community challenge as you might get as much as 1000 times your lay..

So think about it and let me know..Otherwise DON'T EVER SPEAK LIES AGAIN!

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