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Gain : +1322.53%
Drawdown 82.59%
Pips: 15808.0
Trades 404
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:1000
Trading: Automated


TPHITdotcom (TPHITdotcom)
Nov 23 2013 at 17:49
3 posts
Are fed up with trying to find the holy grail Forex robot ? Spending money on Scam robot AD which can earn 100%+ a month with no loss guaranty ? You might have tested some money back guaranty Robot and lost you deposit over and over again. Well dear friend there is no such thing as holy grail. So why people run after Forex Robot ? Many people would say its totally west of time and money, a robot can not earn consistently. Well in some case this is true a robot can not earn consistently in currency market. What is robot or Expert adviser ? Its a trading system coded in MQL to trade automatically on behalf of you. So basically robot means a system and many people use robot without knowing the system behind the robot, so if you do not know your system properly you will end up loosing no matter how good that strategy that is. A robot means a system so you need to know the system to run the robot successfully.

In a financial market a instruments price can go up or down or move sideways this is the three direction where market move. If its going up then it would go down for sure and some time sideways. We all know this fact but still you end up loosing. You got a information you need to utilize it. This is the strategy we use on our ''TPHIT MATHEMATICAL ROBOT''.

Lots of trade trying make money looking for the holy grail and colorful fancy indicator but they end up loosing money.

''TPHIT MATHEMATICAL ROBOT'' use the basic theory of the market if it is going up then it would come down again.

''TPHIT MATHEMATICAL ROBOT'' work on every market condition.

Why ''TPHIT MATHEMATICAL ROBOT'' Win on every market condition ?

It has brain no AI either, all it has a Mathematical system that create a picture of overall market Where its high point where its low point. ''TPHIT MATHEMATICAL ROBOT'' do not analyze market as it has no brain or AI.

Nov 23 2013 at 22:51
192 posts
82.59% DD, that's a bit...moreover your lots increase and decrease, there is some martingale there.

A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.
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