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Trade Hero Pro (By Ken Grakauskas )

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Trade Hero Pro Discussion

HHD (doegie)
Oct 11 2012 at 19:37
64 posts
something is askew here, and everywhere! my demo started 10/9 and has closed trades on 9, 10, 11. yours stopped on 9/28. i've got 4 losers on the e/g and 2 wins on the g/c, net loss of 2.3%. i think we have seen enough to conclude that their EA's don't work in set and forget mode. It is possible to make them work with manual intervention, if you can figure out what that should be. for example, Nate runs 10pip and adjusts risk settings in cycles. waits for drawdown, then increases risk for 2-3 months during the retrace, then dials down risk anticipating the next drawdown. claims it works, but touchy feely, not automatic!

their philosophy is that success requires a mix of automation with significant manual control. that is why their emphasis is really on fancy pants control tools like entry indicator, new trend indicator, recovery optimizer, ddsmm instant and their crown jewel, pipstat. these are all designed for either pure manual trading or to steer an EA's behavior as it rolls along. at least that is my understanding as of now anyway.

the recent performance of envy, hacked, kanga, and modified tom's are undeniable, and fully auto, but will it last? what is the plan to avoid or at least soften the inevitable tanking? it is not if, but when. could pipstat help to increase the winners and decrease the losers? if so, how? i will pose the question to Nate.
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Ken Grakauskas (Michigander)
Oct 11 2012 at 22:14
321 posts
I cant get the damn thing to run. I have installation issues with write privileges suddenly on my server. Every time I boot the server the software wants to reinstall...and incorrectly. There was supposed to be a new version released today so i decided to quit screwing with it until my new rack mount dedicated trading computer comes in.
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