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Jun 01 at 10:24
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Matthew Bosco (TradeMantra)
Member Since May 27, 2023   1 posts
Jun 04 at 05:28
Trade-Mantra EA is Based on Smart Money Concepts
Key Features of Trade-Mantra EA:

Low Drawdown (DD): The Trade-Mantra EA has been meticulously developed to
maintain a low drawdown, ensuring that your trading capital is protected during volatile
market conditions. This feature allows for a more stable and sustainable trading

Equity Protector: Our advanced Equity Protector feature provides an added layer of
security to your trades. It actively monitors your account's equity and implements
protective measures to minimize losses, thereby safeguarding your investment.

News Filter: Stay updated with market events and economic news with the integrated
News Filter. This feature allows the Trade-Mantra EA to adapt to changing market
conditions and avoid potential risks associated with high-impact news releases.

Works on All Prop Firms
No martingale / No grid / No HFT & No Hedging.

Nature of Work and managing Risk :
The trade mantra for all EAS drawdowns is as follows: if you run the Trade-Mantra FXPair on one asset, your daily drawdown will not exceed -0.30% of your equity. If you use four major pairs, your daily drawdown will not exceed 2%. And if you run an EA on six pairs, the maximum allowed daily drawdown will be 3.2%. No new trades will be opened by the EA if your floating daily drawdown exceeds 3%. The EA will start managing trades to close them at breakeven


Success Key
Member Since Apr 07, 2018   1 posts
Jun 21 at 22:11
how do i get this EA
Member Since Feb 22, 2022   1 posts
Jun 28 at 21:40
hey do you have telgram ?
Member Since Oct 05, 2016   1 posts
Jul 03 at 08:00
Interested in this too !
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