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Trading Journey (By flymaster29 )

Gain : -37.45%
Drawdown 37.48%
Pips: -257.5
Trades 138
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:50
Trading: Unknown

Trading Journey Discussion

flymaster29 (flymaster29)
May 16 2018 at 06:22
2 posts
Date: 5/15/2018
The first week was great with a $14 profit (5/6 - 5/12). However, by Tuesday of the next week (5/15/2018) there were a couple trades that were placed that due to market events I decided to close for a loss. I then placed two more trades in the opposite direction (which I then later closed the same day for another loss) - I will not manually trading this account anymore after today.

From this day forward, I've decided to adjust my strategy so that I will not place or modify open trades. Instead I will cap my weekly loss to $25, once reached all trades will be closed and trading will be paused till the following week.

New deposit rules: every week I will deposit to maintain account at $100 or above.

Note: The structure of the updates will be to self reflect on changes made to trading EA strategy, in addition to the good and bad moments experienced.

Taking Forex Education Seriously
flymaster29 (flymaster29)
May 16 2018 at 06:23
2 posts
Append to last update: Even with the lost sustained, my account is only down 0.06%. Which means a fresh new start :)

Taking Forex Education Seriously
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