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Mar 22 2019 at 09:11
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Do you have a signal on MQL5? There are a lot of signal subscribers who don't like to use SS over MQL5. Thanks.

Transparent (IGTrading)
Mar 24 2019 at 07:33
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Hi jun550, thank you for the note. I am very familiar with MQL5 and have written to them a couple of times over the years about demo accounts even when I had live ones. They just do not want to add demo accounts for copy trades. As you likely know they accept demos but only for personal use. As far as I know, only Signal Start and MyDigiTrade allow both live and demo to be copied. My monthly rate at Signal Start is $89, will never go higher, and will easily be returned to you or any other subscriber in the first trade. The account is ranked 24 out of 900 traders. If you click the 'Gain' column you will see it ranked 6 out of 900 traders. The highlight of my account is a 95% win rate. It has gained 26,500%, $797,000 from a $3000 beginning balance, and 5300 pips. I truly care about helping people and enjoy the work. Thank you for your time.

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