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UAT testing 1st Instance - FEXEA - Not real Money (By Lilian & Carl )

Gain : +16.96%
Drawdown 9.11%
Pips: 147.2
Trades 79
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Unknown

UAT testing 1st Instance - FEXEA - Not real Money Discussion

Nov 06 2011 at 02:15
7 posts
hello sir,

How did you put the expert advisors on demo account.

Can you please help me too how to set up?

do you run your EX on VPS , if yes then what service you use to run 24 hrs a day?

Lilian & Carl (LilianCarl)
Nov 07 2011 at 14:36
22 posts
setup instuctions are on the FexEA site:

I dont use a VPS. I have it running on a dedicated desktop
Lilian & Carl (LilianCarl)
Nov 10 2011 at 12:26
22 posts
Notes for anyone comming across this testing. this account was set up to test multiple signalers from

Easist way to filter for one EA is to do a custom Analysis for comment. search for one of the following:

Bong Bummm

Henkoljei 155 (Removed 10th of Nov. This EA will never succeed. see notes)

Indoama FX

100500 EA

Lerbinjoks Exper

All trades magic numers are named but there are a lot so that might not help. it seems fexea produces a new magic number for each system each day.

Fexea sends signlas from trader systems to us users via their custom EA. In testing I have found this causes lag from trader to client of anywhere up to 4 minutes. For a lot of the Fexea Systems this makes the the system a complete waste of time. Good example is Henkoljei 155 which is a scalper that has very short trades of a few seconds. Once those trades are delayed through Fexea the result is completly different. Thus a lot of the systems look good on the Fexea site but will never be good in practice.

How much this lag affects the other systems remains to be seen. I'll do an analysis in a month when the test is over
Nov 11 2011 at 14:35
7 posts
hi thanks for replying,

Can you tell me how to get a dedicated desktop.
Which is the best EA to follow in a live account till now?

best regards~!
Lilian & Carl (LilianCarl)
Nov 13 2011 at 09:25
22 posts

I have a number of old machines i dont use any more. so:
1. install Windows and metatrader and nothing else
2. connect to internet. preferably strait into the DSL modem via an ethernet cable (more reliable than wireless)
3. Done. dedicated trader desktop. it doesnt even need a momitor an keyboard. Just use remote desktop.
Nov 16 2011 at 11:19
6 posts

do you have 4 or 5 Digit account?

how have you selected the risk settings of the Lott? Risk_Multiplier or Fixed_Lot
Lilian & Carl (LilianCarl)
Nov 16 2011 at 11:29
22 posts
I have a 5 digit account.

here is how i set each EA: (note i would probaly set it different for live trading)
Risk Multiper = default (1.0)
SL = as recomended on the system page on the Fexea site.
Fixed lot = default (i.e not used)

I set it like this so i could see how each system manages risk. i.e you can see that some systems set larger lot sizes then others.
Personally, For live trading i wouldnt trust what some far off trader i will never meet thinks is sutible risk. I would calculate how much i'm ok with losing based on the default stop loss and calculate a fixed lot size based on that.

Thats just my though though. be interested on hearing others thoughts on this.
Dec 19 2011 at 06:23
7 posts
have you stopped trading this account?
Lilian & Carl (LilianCarl)
Dec 19 2011 at 09:47
22 posts

   dr18 posted:
   have you stopped trading this account?

Yes I have stopped the account. i have been meaning to do some analysis on the results but havnt gotten arround to it. A bit difficalt with christmas.
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