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UltraScalperHFT (By Freeman463 )

The user has deleted this system.

UltraScalperHFT Discussion

Jun 02 2016 at 04:33
8 posts

Using only long mode (not grid - hedge)

Config to 5 pips (editable).

Probably the best scalping EA.

Jun 02 2016 at 04:36
8 posts
On FxStat real time every 2-5 seconds. On myfxbook every 5 minutes.
Jun 02 2016 at 04:39
8 posts
manually lot configuration. Im going to add more pairs. Now on 0.01 lots, x 5 pairs.

Every 50 USD = 0.01 lots x 3 pairs. with no margin problem at leverage 1:100

More than 150% in 12 hours trading.
Jun 02 2016 at 04:45
494 posts
No verification, no broker's name.What is it you are trying to do here?
There will always some good opportunities , just don't give up
Jun 02 2016 at 05:05
8 posts
Hello John.

You can verify real account on Fxstat. I don´t like provide investor to myfxbook for any copy-trading. You can show every second in Fxstat the result.

I will show broker in few days, why now? first show who it works. If any problem with the broker (if broker cancel my account or similar) i will show it for destroy the broker reputation.

It´s not my problem if Myfxbook EA don´t verify the account, myfxbook must change this.

Im not here for discuss with you. Im here only for set up a good configuration on real time, and i need real time if i have any problem like,1#?pt=2&p=3&ts=27&o=814372 in order to force broker to reconize that this EA it´s not ilegal or similar. So please keep calm.
Jun 02 2016 at 05:32
8 posts
Free EA to 5 first contacts by mail that uses scalping as trading method in any trading account. I can exchange too for other scalping EA.
Jun 02 2016 at 08:02
8 posts
Now i config 0.02 lots.

Ozzie Matt (aeronthomas)
Jun 03 2016 at 06:18
1557 posts
I sent you a PM, no response...
Jun 06 2016 at 13:53
1 posts
HI i sent you a PM please check
Mr. Sky (MrSky)
Jun 18 2016 at 17:30
9 posts
Would you like to get your EA, which procedure?
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