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Universal_Manage1 (By asttrader)

Gain : -99.9%
Drawdown 99.93%
Pips: -48335.3
Trades 1530
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:600
Trading: Manual

Universal_Manage1 Discussion

domgilberto1 (domgilberto1)
Jul 17 2012 at 19:19
72 posts
Wtf? This is possibly the most incredible track record i`ve ever seen, despite the equity curve (as your position sizes are tiny)

Very impressive.

Well done.

"Taking responsibility is the cornerstone to a winning attitude"
Jul 17 2012 at 19:37
257 posts
are you crazy ? he's been trading for a year with a result of 0% (based on equity).

What he does is open positions with avg TP of 26 pips and no SL.

It's either 26 pips or full account... the equity curve doesn't seem to be closing to the balance curve since he's propably holding 500+ pip losses

I mean sure ~0% beats -100% if that's what you meant ...

domgilberto1 (domgilberto1)
Jul 18 2012 at 10:31
72 posts
Hey there is more to this account than you`re realising.

I am not trying to blow smoke up this guys arse, but if you realise few simple points:

His position sizing is pennies. In relation to his average risk per position over his deposit is incredibly small. He is utilizing his equity gains as drawdown to crush price volatility so in the long run he`ll be up.

All he`d need to do is add a predefined drawdown as a maximum to his initial capital as a warning to refine his methodology....

His starting deposit is merely room to breathe in relation to his average position fluctuation over time.

Sure, as a PAMM account this isnt invest-able for shit.

But i`d honestly like to see you do this... (not saying you dont know how to trade) this deserves more credibility than you realise especially for the duration and volume of successful trades too (100%)

Some people dont mind draw-down.....

"Taking responsibility is the cornerstone to a winning attitude"
MRodrigez (MRodrigez)
Jul 18 2012 at 11:34
168 posts
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