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Sep 20, 2022 at 14:26
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Member Since Jul 16, 2022   16 posts
Feb 27, 2023 at 14:12
guys anyone who have this EA, can You please launch 100K FTMO 14 day trial/demo and share here link from FTMO, so, we all can see how it performing during 14day demo.

When I asked support for invest password or some statement then got answer that this is private info and cannot be shared.

PLEASE anyone who have 5minutes spare time, please setup FTMO trial account and run this EA ,so we all can see daily DD and 14 day performance line.
Member Since Aug 07, 2022   1 posts
Feb 28, 2023 at 06:44
Member Since Feb 11, 2022   2 posts
Mar 04, 2023 at 13:25
This number are real? How can i get this ea?
Member Since Apr 09, 2019   5 posts
Mar 04, 2023 at 16:08
have you tested on real money, becuase now adays alot of fake ea there with big profit
Member Since Apr 09, 2019   5 posts
Mar 04, 2023 at 16:18
when i talked with support if we can copy trade his signal he said no we only sell ea , but how come teh copy batton is on he just clear all the chat and disappear, i hope suppor should not be rude and answer all question
Member Since Apr 09, 2019   5 posts
Mar 04, 2023 at 16:35 (edited Mar 04, 2023 at 16:36)
I need to see more proof of many users you bought it please share your results after a month
Member Since Jan 25, 2019   42 posts
Mar 05, 2023 at 17:23
Dear Vibrix customer service,@vibrix_bot
Mat I ask you something, why do you make a lot of deposits like that. Your total of deposits is over 1 millions USD. What is purpose of this action, to make the DD looks better? We want to see real DD of Vibrix, to determine how much is real risk, you know? Thank you.
Member Since Aug 08, 2013   7 posts
Mar 05, 2023 at 23:56
I have evedince. The EA does not work and no response from support. I requested to fix the EA or refund my purchases. But no response at all.
I have already provided you my vps access details to check it. But that doesn't help either.


Member Since Sep 29, 2022   68 posts
Mar 06, 2023 at 07:23
As a buyer, he has any right to ask for the support which was none from you. You use a crypto payment so that when people ask for refund, you will block them and never refund a single cent.
Member Since Aug 08, 2013   7 posts
Mar 07, 2023 at 08:22
The blame you are giving me is not true. Simple the EA doesn't work. It is ridiculous that to expect profit 56000% in three days on demo account. Please don't make story. The EA doesn't work. I requested to fix the EA several times. If you are unable to fix the EA give my money back. Its simple. I have provided my VPS access to check the trading. I have waited for 2 weeks (10 trading days). My account is real not demo.
If your EA doesn't work you should take the responsibility.
I would not send you thousands of request to fix my EA if you respond my message.
I have attached screen shots of my messages in telegram. How it is spam please explain.
And there is nothing mentioned or conditions that to use an EA the trader should have trading knowledge like you.
Simple the EA doesn't work. No trade. I am not happy. Fix the EA or give my money back.


Member Since Jul 16, 2022   16 posts
Mar 07, 2023 at 11:28
don`t spend guys time on, this. seller located in ruzzia,moscow. no refunds, etc.
Member Since Jul 27, 2018   3 posts
Mar 08, 2023 at 15:31
That guy XAMfxtrader posted his login and invest password then deleted it, I tried to login to it but it said invalid account
Member Since Jul 16, 2022   16 posts
Mar 09, 2023 at 09:17
I want EA, but want pay with PayPal :) ok?
Member Since Aug 08, 2013   7 posts
Mar 10, 2023 at 00:50
Hi Vibrix,
I have purchased the EA couple of weeks ago. It doesn't make any trade.
After several request on 24th Feb the support checked the EA in my VPS and adjusted some settings and advised me to switch to H1 timeframe after having first order. It was set to M1 time frame.
Till now the EA hasn't made any trade. I send them many messages via telegram, email, web contact regarding the issue. They don't response at all.
Finally I requested them to give my money back as I found the EA is useless and the customer service is worst.

Once again I have attached here the screen shots of the chat conversation and MT4.

Please Vibrix fix the EA or give my money back as promised.



Member Since Jan 01, 2023   1 posts
Mar 10, 2023 at 01:00 (edited Mar 10, 2023 at 01:04)
Can anyone share their own fxbook ?
I can' find any public account using Vibrix, all the fxbook account are from vibrix itself ...
Member Since Dec 05, 2022   5 posts
Mar 10, 2023 at 10:24
Can a real member of myfxbook be so kind as to sharing his or her positive experience with the robot? Some positive reviews here sound a bit fabricated.
Member Since Dec 05, 2022   5 posts
Mar 10, 2023 at 10:26
All we want to know is, does the robot perform as advertised on myfxbook?
In other words, are you really getting a 1% daily with 1.5% DD only?
Member Since Mar 09, 2023   7 posts
Mar 10, 2023 at 13:40
nice to hear it is working for you, i saw some people having difficulties with the ea and it doesnt work for them, i am considering to buy, but i would like to know for sure that it is working properly
thank you for your reply
Member Since Mar 09, 2023   7 posts
Mar 10, 2023 at 13:56
ah danke bist du deutch wo kommst du van aus deutscland?
Member Since Mar 09, 2023   7 posts
Mar 10, 2023 at 14:14
do you mind sharing a screenshot of your meta trader from last week?
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