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Victor (by victorbrigge)

The user has deleted this system.
Aug 06 2010 at 08:34
60 posts
can i have informations of your system of trading

victor (rubionfunds)
Aug 06 2010 at 09:51
83 posts
so was this system named after me or its just a namesake cos i plan on filing a suit for trademark infingement 😎

ok!that said

anything with a victor is cool..but what makes it cooler if its a scorpio. 😎

yeah baby !

winning isnt victory and losing isnt defeat.
Leprechaun (ReeM5)
Aug 07 2010 at 09:15
23 posts
Nice results. Martingale again?

Aug 11 2010 at 12:26
41 posts
Nice results!

Tell us more about your trading plan!



Keys for forex success:PATIENCE and money management!
Aug 16 2010 at 04:49
40 posts
Hello fellows!

I don`t use any martingale systems!!! You can see my History, if you find there martingale, please tell me 😄

I just deposited some money into the trading account. Hope to start trading this week. This is my first account in which I use and I made it only for my investors, so I don`t want to share my open positions 😉

Aug 16 2010 at 04:51
40 posts
In new trading I will use another strategy - intraday trading.

Sep 04 2010 at 11:47
60 posts
hi Can I have information of your system ??

do you manage accounts??

Sep 21 2010 at 13:45
106 posts
hi, could you please give information on your system

Sep 24 2010 at 08:51
12 posts
hi, very good results!
Could you please give information on your trading system?

Money never sleep!!
Oct 08 2010 at 11:46
41 posts
Very nice trading,

Yellow equity line is often above red balance line, which means a very good money management!

Maybe the best system on this site!


Keys for forex success:PATIENCE and money management!
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