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VPS (closed) (By MPP )

The user has deleted this system.

VPS (closed) Discussion

MPP (jmail5)
Nov 17 2011 at 02:46
4 posts
disappointing result today, broker opened double the number of trades on the recent 1h longs normallay we open 12 pairs, but it opened 20 pairs and there is no clear reason for this. as this is a demo FXCM can't help
MPP (jmail5)
Nov 25 2011 at 00:48
4 posts
same broker failed to open the 4h short - so lost the potential profit of another 2500pips
Nov 25 2011 at 01:40
247 posts
If I were you I wouldn't demo test anything with FXCM MT4.

Take a closer look at the M1 chart and you will see lots of gaps between the price and if you compare it with another Broker those gaps didn't happen. So you are getting a screwed up test that won't happen neither with a FXCM MT4 Real account or any Demo or Real account from another broker.

This is from my own experience just a few weeks ago when testing the same EA with the same settings on FXCM and on FXDD I noticed the results were quite different and found those data gaps.


MPP (jmail5)
Nov 26 2011 at 10:32
4 posts
cheers - will take a look, however my system only requires the last 20 candles on 1h 4h and daily charts though - i think my biggest issue is lag from the virtual server i'm testing too

going to run another broker from monday for comparison too, my other 2 demos are run from my pc so i know the EA is not the issue.

cheers again - will check all the data for my charts though fr sure now.
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