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The user has deleted this system.
Feb 15 2012 at 18:58
3 posts
Опять FXDD стало, говорю вам ... ЧУДЕСА!!!😲

Mar 02 2012 at 07:47
1 posts
One word....


I'm someone who wanted to give up on EAs and wanted to focus on Manual Trading, and was browsing the net on Manual Trading Articles when I happen to see this link.

I'm in total shock when I see this!!! 😲😲😲😲😲😲

Live Account????!!!??? How can it be possible????? 😲😲😲😲😲

Now I don't know shall I be Happy or Shall I be Sad??????

Happy = There's Hope in EA 😂
Sad = Saw a possible hope, but not reachable and able to have it 😭

Feel like banging my head on why am I soooo stupid and dumb (my mind is empty and can't think anymore) and not able to think about how to have an EA like this? 😭😭😭

Anyway, this is just too amazing and Awesome!

Whoever the creator of such EA is, I'm very sure he/her/their family will be very proud of him/her/them. Very Great Job and Very Well Done!!!

Mar 02 2012 at 17:21
2 posts
Это уже обсуждалось: https://www.worldwide-invest.org/threads/8371-amazing-ea-super-hedging-after-modified-by-iran/page1
Систему, что приносит хороший доход никогда продавать не будут!! Не советую связываться. Кому не лень почитайте и все поймете.. там же ссылки на эксперт.

Mar 10 2012 at 08:26
4 posts
i want to puy this ea please send me your full name and address and pelephone number

Mar 10 2012 at 12:06
390 posts
someone said this:

Bought your BOBSLEY, did all the instructions, but it does not work. How it should work?
 And as it is doubtful.
 Wrote you a letter January 6, 2012, and to this day, the answer is not present, but surprisingly, the distribution of advertising comes from this email: support@clikbank.ru

 What does this mean?

 I can show and prove? bought it this system. So, if he does not answer - it means kidalovo, many of which had multiplied in the internet. All I ask - NEPOKUPAYTE while I do not see this working system. If anything, write to the PM.

Mar 10 2012 at 12:21
15 posts
write to e-mail your letter support@klikbank.ru may put in junk

Mar 10 2012 at 13:35
390 posts
I just translate Russian to English of Kryto post:

Hi all, As concerns that account with the withdrawal of so-so on his website look how much he has left asymmetric accounts and they all existed long after the withdrawal, he was constantly changing due to see for yourself at the date of the withdrawal date and mount new accounts.
 Both counselor, I have that were purchased on his website last month but they have inhomogeneous neotkryli transaction.

Mar 10 2012 at 13:39
390 posts
I just translate some Russian post:

To buy without even thinking found in the network, downloaded)) It's a divorce! Where they have to monitor this performance does not represent.

Mar 10 2012 at 13:41
390 posts
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 Member Since Apr 13, 2011 1 posts oscsoft Feb 02 at 07:15
 hahaha laughed heartily divorce hundred pounds! you're looking story is not confirmed trades trading privileges have not been confirmed. Well kapets idiotizm means a complete history of trade narisova hands! Shoot the one who bought and loshara vapsche Down in the cube! grin and file a complaint against them to be

Mar 10 2012 at 13:47
390 posts
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 Member Since Feb 14, 2012 2 posts Andrew82 Feb 14 at 18:20
 The strange thing is that the money earned, and were taken from FXDD, and the bill magically transformed into the Institute, hmm .... MIRACLES!!

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