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The user has deleted this system.
stevetrade (stevetrade)
May 26 2010 at 16:26
1408 posts
If you trade then show your broker.

11:15, restate my assumptions: 1. Mathematics is the language of nature. 2. Everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers. 3. If you graph these numbers, patterns emerge. Therefore: There are patterns everywhere in nature.
May 26 2010 at 17:14
5 posts
Hi I have tried in many ways this robot make it work, please
with your settings you could help me my email is you'll be very thankful if you do this by me,

rizalmoham (rizalmoham)
Jun 02 2010 at 06:40
34 posts
hello forexDJ

can u explain here, please .how to setting your FXrobot and what is broker you use?

Benny Riswan
Viboresna (Viboresna)
Jun 04 2010 at 15:13
1 posts
Hi... I,m benny from ,Padang city,State west sumatera indonesia, i new trader manual ,my broker is the,please give me your informasi urgent anything what is the best robot program forex.thank'you.

rizalmoham (rizalmoham)
Jun 04 2010 at 16:20
34 posts
apo kaba uda benny ,

marketiva payahlah , mancaliak peta buto seh.

robot banyak .... tagantuang settingan sanak di MT4 seh


Jun 05 2010 at 06:09
449 posts
If you really trade on then why your Broker is hidden?

You can also show a fake live account if you have contacts with people on the Broker side or by using a MT4 Bridge,
this of course can be useful for EA sellers like FX Robot.

So, show your Broker name! Besides this system require two Brokers (Slave and Master).

Money makes more money $ ... $$$
peterc005 (peterc005)
Jun 08 2010 at 00:21
6 posts
Looks like this EA is a copy/ripoff of a free EA, possibly Genesis.

Don't fall for this scam, it only encourages others to do the same.

It looks a lot like the recent 'Big Cat' forex EA scam which was exposed.

Jun 09 2010 at 15:48
56 posts
why nothing since may 28th?

encupgold (encupgold)
Jun 16 2010 at 11:25
8 posts
viboresna dan rizalmoham, apa kabar?
saya dari JKT, mari kita sharing...

minimum 100 pips daily is simple
Jun 21 2010 at 01:12
7 posts
I have fall into this scam from This SuperFxRobot Expert Advisor is a scam robot coming from the guy by the name of Dominic. Please stay away from this robot because it will not work in a live account. Many broker have ban the use of this robot and you won’t be able to get it up and running in a live account. It works on Demo account and make you big money but not live account. 95% of the trades will be cancelled and won’t get through on live account. Simply it won’t make you money at all. If his results is too good to be true….it properly is a scam robot.


You have to find a fast data feed broker and a slow data feed broker and you trade on a slow data feed broker and take advantage of the few pips difference between these two brokers. They give you recommended combinations of brokers but all these brokers know about this robot abusing the system and have ban the robot from trading and it will not put on trades at all.

Please read the disclaimer and terms & conditions carefully because it said that don’t expect similar results as he get and no refund. Simply it means he allowed to take your money whether you make money or not, he doesn’t care. Offer to support but little he can do because the software simply will not work. Please aware that you will not get a refund even if they know that its not working or make you money. I am a victim of this scam so if you want to contact me my email address is ruht03 AT hotmail DOT com

I HAVE SAVED YOU US$2000 by warning you of this scam robot call SuperFxRobot. I have learnt a lesion for not doing my research before spending US$2000 which is a lot of money for something that don’t work in a live account – ITS JUST AN EXPENSIVE TOY

A pretty risky business to spend US$2000 for something that you don’t know how it work. I have lost money in this website that I won't be seeing a refund. I write this so others will not be taken advantage like I was.


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