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yliad spip 0002 (By CycleTrader )

Gain : -99.99%
Drawdown 99.99%
Pips: -663.6
Trades 475
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Automated

yliad spip 0002 Discussion

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May 11 2010 at 11:10
87 posts
Hello, This one Looks good! Which Ea is this one? one of funyoo's ?

DoubleTrap (ForexSeeker)
May 28 2010 at 03:24
814 posts
Is it Bless firth Element or modify with indicator open trade ?
So it limit is only can withstand 300 storm pip rite?

Information is Gold when come to organised.
CycleTrader (CycleTrader)
Jul 01 2010 at 21:25
29 posts
Today 1 july 2010 the EURUSD went straigt up around 3% (went from 1.21937 straight to 1.25364) so martingale kept going against the trend and opened max lots of 10.24 wich blown the account. Today the Balance dropped form its high at $17,555.06 to only $ 1.21

CycleTrader (CycleTrader)
Jul 01 2010 at 21:40
29 posts
ForexSeeker posted:
    Is it Bless firth Element or modify with indicator open trade ?
So it limit is only can withstand 300 storm pip rite?

To make an addition to your question here , it was a storm of 343 pips in one day, and you see the result. I'd like to discuss how we can create a matingale system that can withstand such bad days . (i stil love the martingale principle) I suppose it should be a combination of diversification pairs, perhaps hedging pairs, basket profit (that takes profit of all pairs at once), smarter grid distance for martingale, probably smaller TF and only limited times for opened trades, only minutes in stead of hours or even days. And only a small percentage of the account balance accessible for the trading.

DoubleTrap (ForexSeeker)
Jul 02 2010 at 02:01
814 posts
The tactic of none stop trading using bless method of fix grid as like your tactic here, will required too much capital.

As I already calculated roughly need 150k and big grid step of 50 pip and leverage of 500.

It can consider too risky to put 150k account in with the chance of blow account is low, yet it still might blow account.

The other method of blessing is already invented in Cyborg, which it use certain indicator to go in probably Bolinger band so it don't get caught in the big trend.

If for hedging, there are 2 EA so far I know : ForexHacked 2.2 and HedgePro
But still depend on luck, user still get account blow up sometimes.

Bless 3 : The most versatile of martingale which allow you have AutoGrid function, follow trend at that moment, Equity protection.

The seeking of real martingale like in Casino, which able to give you a long term profit using acceptable Deposit. The result are good for few years, but back test already show that you can not be lucky forever.,2#?pt=2&p=1&o=35829

So are you using 'The 5th Element' in this account ? What else martingale EA have you try ?

Information is Gold when come to organised.
CycleTrader (CycleTrader)
Jul 02 2010 at 10:35
29 posts
Hi DoubleTrap,

Thank for your ideas.

I never used The 5th Element, and the one above is the 2000 pips daily EA. Yes Bles 3 is very versatile. I am testing for a while with blessing 3 V3.7-6. I think b3 is the best ea from wich i did tests so far, it has different martingale capabilities together with the many functions build in. Currently i am testing different strategies on small TF with this EA. There is still big floating loss at some times, i try to backtest and optimize 10 years and find a setting that dont blow the account but i am experiencing that this is very difficult for small TF. When i would achieve that i'd like to diversify with 4 pairs from wich 2 pairs hedge each other and the other 2 pairs the same for reducing overall floating loss. I think the trick is to use a separate equity manager EA that takes profit on certain equity level for all pairs separate and simultamniously but i am not yet so far but i think a certain combination of this would have potential.

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