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a good trading strategy
In Noví obchodníci by blackChelsea - 1 minute ago
I would say mere strategy will not help. I agree with part of the strategy but you must have the knowledge of what is going around the globe as forex is very volatile and reflects upon the market sent...
Fundamental Forex GDP EA V.11.4
In Obchodní systémy by raviforexmaster - 27 Minutes ago
Fundamental GDP Forex trading strategy ... working for good
In Obchodní systémy by protectron - 58 Minutes ago
[quote]protectron posted: [quote]OldRetiredGuy posted: @protectron And we have another who KNOWS not only that this is a ponzi scheme but also MY motives for being involved. Thanks for the help Nostra...
Scalping Result
In Hlavní by Forexlifu - 1 Hour ago
MT4 Investor Login : 2050253 Password : CR7EA SRVEUR : Weltrade-live ———————- MT4 Investor Login : 250637279 Password : CR7EA SRVEUR : FBS-Real-5 45...
Importance of Fundamentals
In Hlavní by navsatforex - 1 Hour ago
what is the best way to learn fundamental of Fx trading and how to interpret with trading decision. Also I always had this question in mind that do we really need to know fundamentals one to become su...
Myfxbook portfolio not updating
In Hlavní by HairyOutlaw - 1 Hour ago
same problem here
What trade size and leverage to use in forex?
In Zkušení obchodníci by Numeromatt - 2 Hours ago
[quote]Kroolsc posted: I am a demo account user here, I have been trading for 4 months now, with a drawdown of around 20% on both my trading accounts (demo) with cityindex and fxview. I have installed...
Fundamental and technical
In Hlavní by nikosk0 - 2 Hours ago
dont even care about fundamentals. tech only for me i dont even watch if news are about to be released
My concern on lot commissions
In Noví obchodníci by Jakemark - 2 Hours ago
The best thing you can do is create many different demo accounts and compare what each one offers.
Can withdrawals be processed in less than a day?
In Noví obchodníci by shaunmarsh - 3 Hours ago
[quote]downtown posted: Turnkeyforex offers withdrawal within less than a day and may I add, quicker than before.[/quote] Last that I knew of, they took 3 days. When did this change happen?
How do I delete accounts?
In Noví obchodníci by LazybroForex - 3 Hours ago
Settings > Account > Select Account > Edit > Bottom Left > Delete
In Obchodní systémy by marco_mmbiz - 3 Hours ago
[quote]Pichel posted: Jetzt minus 10%, na sauber....[/quote] Ist sowieso ein recht merkwürdiger Broker, EA, was auch immer. Wie kann es denn sein, dass die Positionen erst bei -290 bzw. -402 Pip...
forex chill
In Obchodní systémy by masterblack0 - 3 Hours ago
Excellent Service i am your subscriber Consistent Profit ur a real trader how to buy your Strategy ?
Forex trading offers high leverage
In Hlavní by Gareylinn509 - 3 Hours ago
[quote]Mikehamilton posted: [quote]Marlonsmith posted: [quote]Richarlison872 posted: [quote]elaboy posted: High leverage is risky if you don't use max 3x 5x on a 100x activated account.[/quote] Ye...
In Hlavní by Gracewilson1995 - 3 Hours ago
learning and then practising your strategies on the demo will work for you. demo gives you safety as there is no real money involved in it. so thats the best way to do it
In Brokeři by Rasperr - 4 Hours ago
Really happy with their service so far, withdrawals have been quick and pain free. Customer service has been fast and responsive with answers. Great crypto selection - really pleased!
In trading everyone should have some rules
In Hlavní by LyudmilLukanov - 4 Hours ago
[quote]forextrader777 posted: I agree! Set some rules and stick to them. That's how you can improve and enhance your trading skills.[/quote] You are right. But traders often fail to execute their ...
Number one biggest mistake
In Hlavní by blandpatsyy - 4 Hours ago
[quote]Martingupttil posted: [quote]blandpatsyy posted: [quote]Martingupttil posted: [quote]Numeromatt posted: I absolutely agree Martingupttil, newbies don’t think about the amount of effort re...
Manual trading
In Hlavní by SofieAndreasen - 4 Hours ago
[quote]forextrader777 posted: The main thing that a human forex trader has which an automated trader doesn't is a brain. Where an automated trader can only execute decisions based on the scenarios...
In Brokeři by Thetalak - 4 Hours ago
Of course I got interested in this broker for a reason, I was attracted by the fact that it has been around for a long time and it really allows me not to change my usual ways of working and everythin...