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Forex is not like gambling In General by Flikaleal - 59 minutes ago
Your story is a compelling reflection on the thin line between speculation and gambling, whether in forex markets or in a casino. Both environments can offer the thrill of risk and the potential for reward, but they also hold the possibility of significant losses, especially without discipline, strategy, and awareness of the risks involved.
Reliable Forex Prop Firms In New Traders by khalidkhan82118 - 8 hours ago
Hello everyone.I need some trusted Prop Firms that will do well in 2024. Currently, I am with Forex Prop Firms, which helped me find the best offer and offered me many contests. I need more reviews firm which will help me skyrocket my career. Thanks in advance
live islamic In Trading Systems by AbbasMotala - 8 hours ago
Hi abbas
XPERT [email protected] In Strategies by dooprime_luna - 8 hours ago
AI Forex Trading In General by khalidkhan82118 - 9 hours ago
You make some valid points about AI's capabilities in forex trading. Indeed, AI can process data at speeds far beyond human capability and identify patterns that might be missed otherwise. Minimizing losses during unexpected events is certainly a benefit of using AI, and it can enhance overall trading efficiency. However, it's crucial ...
Profit / loss analysis and trading talks In General by khalidkhan82118 - 9 hours ago
Thank you, man, that was great. I want more from you. Please post this kind of aspects
Trade in Australia In General by khalidkhan82118 - 9 hours ago
I'm new it this platform. I am also interested in this question. I'm all ears.
Thoughts on Japanese yen interest rate hike In Experienced Traders by Flintkwok - 10 hours ago
Last week's trilateral talks between Japan's finance minister and the United States and South Korea may have laid the groundwork for the BOJ to take appropriate action in the foreign exchange market. The continued depreciation of the yen has promoted exports, but it has also pushed up the price of domestic imported goods, thus raising ...
WALL STREET CODER In Trading Systems by WallStreetCoder - 10 hours ago
Ctrader Strategy if u want to copy this EA.
Scalper G In Trading Systems by makenpip - 12 hours ago
Thank you very much i'll start today
"Account already exists" issue In General by BrentChin - 12 hours ago
I'm having the same issue with 1 account. My other accounts added just fine
Guardian Albatross (steady profit) In Trading Systems by nyer15 - 15 hours ago
16 consecutive months of net profit and counting.
Nano lots broker In New Traders by Pulithey48 - 17 hours ago
A nano lots broker is a brokerage firm that allows traders to trade in smaller increments than the standard micro-lots or mini-lots. Nano lots typically represent 100 units of the base currency, enabling traders to participate in the forex market with minimal capital and manage risk more precisely.
IL BOSS DEL TRADING SCALPER In Trading Systems by Dtomb - 18 hours ago
What settings are you using? Can you post your .set file?
y.hadiyan In Trading Systems by 2972207076 - 23 hours ago
من عاشق فارکسم 😉
Fusion Markets In Brokers by instruct9r - 23 hours ago
Best broker i've ever traded with... Everything is perfect.
Max login attempts reached, Please try to login vi... In General by aarzuagat - Yesterday at 16:32
I'm trying to connect to platform, but I got this issue every request. What's the matter? Can I do login from 2 different devices??
FED Bot May-2023 In Trading Systems by thomaslampe65 - Yesterday at 16:30
Hey BeeNurp, I am a Nurper as well. Looks like Samuel is slightly below recommended sizes. Big difference came when he added the Gold Digger to his account in March.
System for sale In Trading Systems by thomaslampe65 - Yesterday at 16:16
Hi, I am interested in your GT EA. Please provide more information on how to purchase it. You also mention a website in your post, however the domain name is not listed. Thank you.
Razgon 13 In Trading Systems by FelipeMoraes - Yesterday at 16:09
Olá, você vende esse robô?