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Forex game is not business In General by Williamfreed - 44 minutes ago
The main part of the market is to do two jobs full time and two full time. Only by doing good business will we run and we have to learn to work in Hamin Hai so that the losses can be kilometers and Hamin is the forum man work. Only by fulfilling all our needs will we be able to run and we can also perform in Umm Raal by using Rahman trend.
Placing stop loss In General by RobSchiz - 2 hours ago
To use stop loss, you need proper planning and skills.
It is a very wrong idea In General by RobSchiz - 2 hours ago
It may be very difficult to go against the market.
Some of the traders who fail In General by RobSchiz - 2 hours ago
To make huge money you need proper planning.
New traders become restless In General by RobSchiz - 2 hours ago
Yes. proper learning is very necessary to make a good career.
Types of spreads In General by RobSchiz - 3 hours ago
Variable spreads will be the best option.
having a losses In General by RobSchiz - 3 hours ago
I agree with you.
Bonus and Brokers In General by RobSchiz - 3 hours ago
Yes. This is a common problem for every trader.
When loss occurs In General by RobSchiz - 3 hours ago
Most of the traders lose their money because of their low knowledge and skills.
New traders should be content In General by RobSchiz - 3 hours ago
You need proper planning to become successful in this market.
Basics knowledge is not enough In General by traderjakelong - 3 hours ago
Indeed!Forex fundamentals are not difficult to grasp, but creating a trading strategy is. The market is well-known for its unprecedented and risky nature. In order to minimize risk in future trades, traders need to conduct proper technical and fundamental analysis, which comes with experience and time.
Profit targeting In General by kroxobor - 3 hours ago
Setting a profit target is important to restrict yourself from over trading. It psychologically sets a limit. Everytime I reach my profit target it reminds me that I’ve reached my goal and I should now focus on protecting my profits instead of losing it by opening unnecessary positions.
Most traders don't get success In General by kroxobor - 3 hours ago
Most traders don’t get success because they refuse to accept their mistakes.For many traders, admitting that they were wrong and had taken dangerous decisions is a big thing. They often put out tens of excuses that markets have faked them out or the signal was wrong or the speed was lagging and keep losing money. To move forward one need...
Is forex trading really worth it? In General by LucianVince - 3 hours ago
Forex is a long-term endeavor. It can be beneficial if you trade properly and read about the market regularly.
New traders love scalping In General by RobSchiz - 4 hours ago
New traders should have proper knowledge and skills to scalp.
In trading everyone should have some rules In General by RobSchiz - 4 hours ago
I agree with you. every trader should follow some rules in this market.
Demo can not make you well experienced In General by RobSchiz - 4 hours ago
A demo is the best place to learn forex properly.
Broker with Big Leverage in UK In New Traders by blixtpiece - 4 hours ago
Though my broker offers leverage up to 1:500, I never really used such high leverage fearing the magnified losses. But I know that if any time, I wish to open a large trading position, I will be able to do that with my broker.
strength of currencies In New Traders by pipham - 5 hours ago
There are mainly three factors which determine the strength of the currencies:1. Inflation: Higher inflation in a country means the national currency is losing its value. 2. Economic stability: If the government is economically stable and well established, it attracts more investors. More demand means more supply which also increases the value...
Fundamental works 100% In General by shortant - 6 hours ago
Fundamentals do work in Forex! The foundation of trading is interpreting the market, connecting with it, and moving through its trends. When you are trading in the Forex market, you are actually predicting the future value of the currency you are trading. Fundamentals help you to predict the direction and duration of that movement.