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How much do you risk in total to make big profits ...
In Galvenais by richardmarcus - 58 minūtes atpakaļ
[quote]jasperrobert posted: Risking 1% of your trade is good. It is a safe way of going about it. I don’t risk more than 2% myself. The safer the better.[/quote] After generating 10% profits i o...
Strategy and Forex
In Galvenais by harrymartinez - 1 Hour ago
I’m working on some great strategies on my demos these days. Can’t share much details since it is a work in progress. I’m using daily time frames and let’s just say that the in...
Traders Club
In Galvenais by winklebew - 1 Hour ago
That is a very good idea. A community or group will help traders with strategies, trades and is great for staying updated.
Stop loss is a killer if
In Galvenais by Christopher332 - 1 Hour ago
[quote]Gingerrogers posted: Yes, a proper use of stop loss can be a saviour but if it is not used properly, it has the potential to ruin the prospective profits.[/quote] The stop loss is a boon for ev...
In Stratēģijas by jasperrobert - 1 Hour ago
I would like to know the strategy you’ve used for this system. The profits look great and so does the graph.
In Stratēģijas by debragonzalez - 1 Hour ago
Your EA looks fantastic. Keep sharing more if you can. Keep up the good work.
In Tirdzniecības sistēmas by debragonzalez - 1 Hour ago
That is great for half a year. Keep up the good work and keep sharing more of such systems.
Set you target and goal
In Jauni treideri by debragonzalez - 1 Hour ago
Yes, setting a goal for yourself should be the first step. It will also help traders to work hard to achieve that goal.
In Tirdzniecības sistēmas by unsightlydray - 1 Hour ago
There is always a scope for improvement and you can work hard on this system to improve your trades. Good luck.
In Tirdzniecības sistēmas by unsightlydray - 1 Hour ago
Pretty amazing system you have here. Wish I could use such a high leverage and get such results. I’m not there yet.
My concern on lot commissions
In Jauni treideri by AliaDare - 3 stundas atpakaļ
[quote]advancedsmifser posted: I want to trade upto 150 lots/month. I am concerned if I would chunk my higher profit margins to pay the commissions. I am presently gathering more knowledge on forex an...
Most traders don't get success
In Galvenais by AliaDare - 3 stundas atpakaļ
Most traders refrain from achieving success due to low knowledge. To be successful in trading, of course, research and information gathering is essential.
In Tirdzniecības sistēmas by rusfx21 - 4 stundas atpakaļ
Need VPS spec suggestions for EA
In Programmēšana by vanzadorbey - 7 stundas atpakaļ
My developper is building an EA for me. I will be scanning around 30 pairs tick data simultaneously so there will be 30 charts open, will also do automated trading... My developper is a experienced ...
Complicated strategy is not good
In Galvenais by vanzadorbey - 8 stundas atpakaļ
How. can a strategy be not complicated and make money? Are you kidding me.
In Tirdzniecības sistēmas by Roman888 - 8 stundas atpakaļ
good trade!
RoboForex EliteForexScalper
In Tirdzniecības sistēmas by korssar - 9 stundas atpakaļ
We can discuss about this ea ?/?
5143925 EU AU GU Lot 01 Low
In Tirdzniecības sistēmas by korssar - 9 stundas atpakaļ
monitor for ongoing progress
In Tirdzniecības sistēmas by korssar - 9 stundas atpakaļ
gut gut schnella
FX Millionaire
In Tirdzniecības sistēmas by korssar - 9 stundas atpakaļ
I know the guys with this EA