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ActivTrades Skóre recenzí

Celkové skóre: 3.7 / 5

Celkový počet hlasů: 210
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Včera o 05:26
12 příspěvků
I opened a demo account with ActivTrades and now I am studying the tools of the Metatrader 5 trading platform. There are a lot of things here, and this is probably good. When I learn to use all this, I can do the right analysis and make good money.
I have a question. When do I need to stop demo trading and open a live account ??

Dec 03 at 13:40
1 příspěvků
I can say that this broker is very good choice for me. I think that what they offer to me is really cool. You know tight spreads are offered by many brokers today but it’s very bad that few brokers offer comission-free trading. This firm doesn’t charge fees. It excited me and I moved here. I wanna tell you it is good for day trading. Perhaps, it’s worse at night due to floating spreads but in the day time it is OK.

Dec 01 at 13:10
1 příspěvků
I started trading forex with ActivTrades broker and I feel really cool!
I think I'll soon be able to buy a Ferrari!
Speaking of trading, I haven't seen better performance anywhere else than with this broker. I trade on Metatrader 4, it's a well known and well tested trading platform that I tested many times and I feel very confident when trading on it. A few days ago I withdrew money to my e-wallet, today I applied again. I think the broker has no time to process my requests.
I am not saving money and I am not saving for anything. I have only one life, I have to rock it to the fullest!

Nov 27 at 06:47
19 příspěvků
Anayalmeena posted:
The fact that this broker has been being on the market for more than 20 years makes me think that it's trustworthy enough to start off trading career with it. In addition, I would note that this broker provides traders with its own trading platform, which eases the process of acquaintance with it's conditions and features.

I was also attracted by the high reliability of this broker. It follows at least from its several licenses and and certain a rich experience of working in the industry. I also appreciate their light and user-friendly web trading platform ActiveTrader.

Nov 26 at 19:58
1 příspěvků
I never thought that trading in the FX market should lead to quick and enormous profits. I always knew that I would need to work hard to make good money, just like in any other business. I also noticed that if I have enough practice and follow the markets every single day, I get a sense of the current market sentiment. This is a sort of intuition, if you will. However, it’s based on a large flow of data to analyse constantly.
My trading strategy is based on long-term forecasts of trends according to the fundamental environment. I prefer financial instruments with the highest liquidity possible as these types of assets are the most predictable in my opinion. Volatility is another side of the coin. As a result of such preferences, I chose this broker as it suits the needs of a conservative trader, offering several ActivTrades account types. The leverage is capped, margin requirements do not allow me to open too many positions at the same time, while the rest of the trading conditions are very competitive. I also like the proprietary trading software that the broker provides free of charge.

Nov 18 at 11:32
1 příspěvků
Mnegamand posted:
I like to trade with this broker. It attracted me with good spreads on major currency pairs. In addition, I also appreciate their ActiveTtrader web platform. It’s a good combination of convenience and functionality. I mean that it’s an optimal balance. I don’t like when something is sacrificed. This platform doesn’t distract from trading and at the same time I can easily access all the necessary market analysis tools.

I agree with you. Some traders are in a hurry to open an MT4 or MT5 account, but they do not understand that the ActivTrader platform is no worse and even much more convenient.

Nov 16 at 18:08
1 příspěvků
I find this broker very suitable for currency trading. I appreciate their good spreads on currencies, in particular, on majors and I also like that the broker doesn’t charge fees on currency trading.

Nov 16 at 13:19
1 příspěvků
I registered a demo account with ActivTrades a couple of weeks ago. I have found the ActivTrades platform very informative and user-friendly. The choice of assets is wide, the combination of trading conditions and leverages gives me a chance to apply several trading methods. Actually, I'm in the process of backtesting some of the strategies based on technical indicators. Can someone give me an idea of what initial deposit should I choose for the most effective result based on an intraday trading approach?

Nov 13 at 05:55
15 příspěvků
What immediately attracted me to ActivTrades broker was their well designed website. Often sites are done somehow, but here you can see that the site is made with heart and has a large number of sections to explore. They wanted to make sure that clients can go straight to their website and access all the educational materials and analytical tools they proposed. Guys, try trading on their own trading platform! It's really cool! Great speed and no platform freezes!

Nov 10 at 16:59
1 příspěvků
I made a positive decision in favor of this brokerage company after I got familiar with their spreads. I found them attractive enough, especially on majors. I rarely trade anything else except for majors because I got used to them long ago. I remember that most of the trading courses taken by me illustrated exactly currency trading in their examples. My favorite majors are Yen and the Australian and New Zealand dollars.

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