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ActivTrades Diskussion

May 19 at 13:21
1 Posts
Activtrades is the broker with whom you feel that trade on your place.
From the first steps, I realized that I like being here and exploring the world of forex. Everything looks complicated at the beginning. Thanks to
activtrades education events and materials so I learned basics.

Registration is pretty fast. After I login at activtrades I open demo account and practicing till I get positive results. It helps me to find my weaknesses at trading system and my psychological factors.

I guess you all know that broker has two interesting bonus programs. One called refer a friend so you can get 30% cashback with additional bonuses for inviting new friends. Other is a cashback program. Both programs help make bigger deposit.

Trading in general goes through activtrader or metatrader 4/5 trading platforms. There are numbers of markets and humbers of trading instruments. For better trading control, I recommend to use smart tools to be more focused on markets and be ready to make right orders.

Nathan (Nathanpryrius)
May 16 at 20:17
1 Posts
I have no problem with them

May 13 at 02:57
20 Posts
Bugfixer posted:
Does anyone know us there is any insurance of funds for a trader?

I can tell you that they have protection against negative balance. They also keep client funds in separate accounts. I have also heard that they protect clients' capital with additional insurance.

May 09 at 16:59
1 Posts
Activtrades have known their brokerage job and I'm satisfied with their services. Different broker regulators and registrations make this company still at the top. My trading style is very common and it gives me much profit, because of a wide range of instruments and usable trading platform.

May 08 at 05:36
1 Posts
This broker has so many tradable instruments. It’s a good thing, I guess. But it can be confusing at times to figure out how it works. I’m more or less aware of how currencies and crypto work. Can anybody explain to me, from a trading perspective, what is the difference between cash indices and index futures; commodities futures and commodities spot?

May 05 at 15:24
1 Posts
I started trading at this broker with $1,000. First few trades were profitable. Looks like I made it. But it was not. Then I had 4 trades in a row which brought me losses. Now I'm thinking of testing my strategy on demo first. I'm afraid of losing my whole deposit. I would rather learn it on a demo account first. When I find it profitable I will go back to a real account. Friends, use demo account so you do not lose money! Broker gives it with no charge for a reason. Have a nice trade everyone!

May 04 at 05:57
10 Posts
In a nutshell, all works fine.
For more than 3 years there were no problems with any kind of services, tools or instruments. Actualy I'm focusing at trading so nothing really care me.
I begined my trading path from demo account and testing my trading strategie. After getting positive statistics I came to real money. With cashback program I earn a bonus for every trade now.
Amount of trading instruments always give me a chance to make money. Trading is amazing!

Apr 30 at 05:15
21 Posts
Not so long ago, I decided to go beyond my limits and tried one of the tools they offer, namely SmartLines, I can say that this is a really useful thing that can come in handy for determining the price trend.
By the way, this is suitable for both versions of MT and it can really be used no matter what amount you work with.

Apr 25 at 17:59
1 Posts
what are the benefits of cfd trading? I'm curios why it's so popular

Fearlesswalker (Fearlesswalker)
Apr 25 at 05:13
28 Posts
I started to trade with $500, so to reach $1000 is almost an unreal sum for me. This is a good result, considering that at the beginning of the month I didn't even know how to trade. But of course, I understand there is a lot to strive for. Now my goal is to get this money out of ActivTrades onto my card.
Can you tell me how fast the withdrawal to a card account is? Want to be sure I get the money ASAP to celebrate once goal is achieved :D

Apr 19 at 11:16
1 Posts
Apr 19 at 06:41
22 Posts
Naen posted:
Of course, I also paid attention to the fact that they have several terminals and have some training, including individual, so that was the reason for choosing.
Currently, I'm a little confused. The broker has so many tools for analysis. Which one to choose and how do I even determine at least some benchmarks? Any help would come in handy.

nobody will give you a righ answer cause it depend from personal experience. just try them by yourself you will find what you need

Apr 18 at 05:24
12 Posts
Activtrades broker is well known in a forex market first by quality of service and has many awards.
Its very friendly for new and old customers. So for newbies there is activtrader trading platform with friendly features like:

-Trailing stop
-Partial close
-Instant trading from charts
-Market sentiment

For advance traders metatrader is a choice with:

-One click and automated trading
-Microlot and Minilot trading
-Historic data centre and strategy tester
-Price alerts and trailing stops

Educational platforms and educational materials available for all. Broker supports Islamic accounts with key features:

-5 digits spreads
-No interest on contracts lasting longer than 24h – zero rollover interest consistently
-No additional rollover commissions for contracts lasting longer than 24h

Apr 13 at 05:49
16 Posts
Miralas posted:
Do someone use activ proprietary platform???

I've been using their proprietary trading platform for the second year now and my impressions are good. Before opening a real account, I tested the platform and the strategy on a demo for a long time. The ActivTrader platform is easy to learn, but the strategy was complicated. You should try. I promise you won't regret.

Apr 11 at 20:49
1 Posts
A broker to whom you can entrust your money. Its a place with precise regulation and registration. Also Islamic account is available. Education events and materials will be helpful for all traders and investors.
Nothing hard in trading, but only practicing and learning

Apr 09 at 06:41
14 Posts
Suitable for Muslims - broker follow with Sharia laws!

Apr 09 at 05:34
22 Posts
this company won a lot of awards for service quality. its regulated and registered with global and national institutions. zero commission for withdraw and low spread.
glad that company has their research for statistics on slippage and requotes and its good.

Apr 07 at 14:09
1 Posts
When I opened the ActivTrades website first time, I saw a message that 79% of the traders were losing money here.

You know, 79% is a lot, so I challenged myself! I was 79% for 6 months and last three month I'm makign profits! TY activtraders that involved me to challange myseft.

Answering questions below
Yes, account here is segregated meaning you funds is save
ActivTrader is my first platform I used - It's great, but can't compare with others...

Apr 06 at 19:45
1 Posts
I have been working with the broker for more than 2 years. All orders are opened and closed without delays and I am confident in the fast withdrawal of funds. I have an account here for individual clients. The leverage is OK, spreads are not too high.
questions I addressed to the technical support are always resolved quickly. For me, this is the best broker choice. I make three profitable trades a day on average. In my unlucky days losses are insignificant - $20-25 max.

Mar 31 at 16:50
1 Posts
Does anyone know us there is any insurance of funds for a trader?

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