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FxPro Skóre recenzí

Celkové skóre: 3.9 / 5

Celkový počet hlasů: 461
Zákaznický servis
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Jan 22 2017 at 08:16
12 příspěvků
I tested a demo account for a few days and no problems, a few days I'm going to open a real account. In 2016 received a lot of awards, I think that FxPro is a good choice.

Jan 13 2017 at 08:44
1 příspěvků
Recently I opened Fxpro MT4 demo-account. In my first opinion there are quite good execution and wide range of trading tools. Also I like their analytics. I hope Fxpro is reliable broker. At least they are quite famous. Among all leading brokers, FxPro offers one of the lowest spreads.

David791 (david791)
Jan 10 2017 at 15:51
44 příspěvků

Very good conditions for trade and MT5 on offer

Dec 13 2016 at 11:07
582 příspěvků
i put 1 rating but they are all still quite high. :(

Never Give Up or Give In To The Market
Dec 13 2016 at 07:59
11 příspěvků
I traded 4 accounts on fxpro. Swaps kept getting worse compared to other brokers and changes almost every week. It used to be quite okay but to me it seems they grasp more and more bacuse the gap with other brokers gets bigger and bigger.

Good execution. 30 pips spread during market close is rather annoying though not a problem for me as I rarely set stop orders and make sure I have plenty margin.

Emptied the 4 accounts a while ago because of bad swap

Ctrader is great imo. I really need to find a good FCA regulated broker with good swap that offers Ctrader

fxeas (fxeas)
Nov 15 2016 at 07:39
3 příspěvků
Oct 10 2016 at 07:46
3 příspěvků

Today, as of 10/10/2016 morning, all my real MT4 accounts running on VPS showed the message to me 'invalid account'.

As it turned out, server connection points were changed without any prior notice.

Other broker accounts at other brokers were fine.

Елена (Elena_13)
Sep 30 2016 at 07:42
1 příspěvků
ghaieth posted:
some requot but they give you always your money in the price of the order bad for scalping they take more than your profit in scalping but this is the best broker ever seen and i'am always safe with them and really happy to be trading with them

Good evening! you are still working with fxpro? Had no problems with the withdrawal of profits?

Sep 18 2016 at 07:29
30 příspěvků
LevFX posted:
Their spread and commission is outrageously high... One of the greediest brokers I've seen ... they are in the same league as fxcm. Of course when you have a huge advertising campaign running who do you think is going to pay for it???

Rating 2.3 out of 5

That broker will looks good? with spreads and slippage normal

Boris Piwinger
Aug 25 2016 at 05:51
2 příspěvků
I started using them because the spreads looked good and another trader had recommended them in the trading room.

Opening the account was a pain. I have sent a scan of my passport which I had used successfully for numerous other occasions. They have been really friendly and calling me to explain why they could not use it, namely because of reflections. Guess what, this is a design feature of EU passports! I needed several attempts until they were satisfied.

So I started trading, spreads look good. But quickly I was really badly stopped out over night (no news, flat market, sudden explosion of spreads to 30 pips). They called it normal for rollover. But this way you simply cannot have reasonable stop losses. This just makes big losses. Not acceptable. Looking at the detailed time series from you see, that other brokers are much better. So after less than a week I decided to leave.

When I wanted to withdraw my money, nothing happened. After a week and no money on my banking account I asked the live chat where the money would be (transaction was shown as 'opern'). They explained they would have requested to send a bank statement for verification.
1. They have never asked (yes I have double-checked my spam filter)
2. I had sent them the last (still last) bank statement to open my account, so they did have it already.
3. I wanted money back to that account from which I had transferred money to them, so they had that verified.

So this was just a fake to withhold my money. Absolutely unacceptable. I am glad I have left. Now let's see when I get my money back.

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