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FxPro Review Scores

Overall Score: 3.8 / 5

Total Votes: 412
Customer Service
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FxPro Discussion

fx33 (fx33)
Jan 22 2017 at 08:16
12 posts
I tested a demo account for a few days and no problems, a few days I'm going to open a real account. In 2016 received a lot of awards, I think that FxPro is a good choice.

Private Trader (privtrader)
Mar 19 2017 at 07:43
27 posts

For several days I testing FXPRO and looks good, thanks.

Safe trading and good profits
Chris Winslow (chriswinslow)
Apr 27 2017 at 14:59
1 posts
I've been using FXPro for just over a year with no problems. I've used both Demo and live accounts. Money has been transferred to my bank account within 2 days and actively used demo accounts don't expire, so I can get lots of practice. I had no issues with opening a live account it was quick and without any fault. I do also like how easy it is to manage your account on their website without having to call them. They also have good data feed going back a long time without messing around with important previous price data on MT4 unlike LCG which are a joke. I want to also start using their cTrader it looks sleek and it claims to have no requotes. I would recommend FXPro.

They all float down
May 04 2017 at 14:43
14 posts
Be careful they take 1.6% on deposit with credit card

Jul 29 2018 at 05:37
5 posts
watchme posted:
Let me tell you about fxpro, i have 2 years experience with them. It wasn't good. I stopped trading with them for 6 months or more, not sure. Now i have the time to put up a review. 

I open fxpro cos of diversity, i used my paypal to fund. 

Trading was all going good for a year or so..  Then the mobile MT4 app started to lagg big time. Not for any other brokers but just fxpro. I suspect it is the data feed. Everytime i want to open orders and I adjust the volume (lots) to be traded, it laggs and jam up.

I got EXTREMELY PISSED when I feedback falls on deaf ears.
I would like to kindly point out that if you treat your customers as if they are stupid, you'll get them doubly PISSED. 
The live chat ask me dumb questions like what is my phone model etc. Questions that would exponentially PISSED me off further. 

NEVER EVER TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS AS IF THEY ARE DUMB. Well, not all of them, at least. 

Anyway, I've taken all my money and transfered to other broker. Now I am trading happy. Thanks FXpro for making my life much happier by getting rid of you from my life. 

Lastly, if I said something is wrong, then you better bet your life that SOMETHING is wrong. Do not dismiss anything your customers said. 

Hi, which broker you transfered?

Jul 29 2018 at 05:38
5 posts
TheSpotTrader posted:
I_Timch posted:
I'm testing their demo account now on MT4, so far I like it

Neh. Go for cTrader. Way more superior to MT4. Execution is faster, better spreads. Overall a better experience.

Does cTrader have an Elliot wave counts tools?

Jul 31 2018 at 10:22
5 posts
I just open an Account with FxPro. So far Im happy with Fxpro, and I feel secured because Fxpro is regulated to major countries and regulated here in Dubai as well.

Aug 03 2018 at 07:07
5 posts
Iv been using Fxpro for 2 weeks now, and Im very happy with it. Much much better than my old forex broker. My old broker is

Aug 17 2018 at 07:44
1 posts
I only managed one account with this broker, but the experience was good.

Sep 20 2018 at 10:57
5 posts
Been using Fxpro for 4 months now. So far everything is in order. Very good customer service and I tried the withdrawal with no problem at all. Well regulaled here in Dubai as well. Happy

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