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Celkové skóre: 4.0 / 5

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My only broker is Oanda and my only trading platform is FxTrade. I am a python programmer and I use oandapyV20 REST API to develop fully automated trading systems.
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I like the Tradingview platform in the web version. Only missing the option to create alerts, more watch lists, and to be able to have multiple take profit targets set with the original order entry.

Oh, and would also like to be able to save different layouts, like you can do in Tradingview.
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do you have usa customers
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danangdk posted:
for analysis the best platform is mt4, for execution the best is fxtrade

I agree
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I agree with the previous comments Onada provides an excellent platform for ease of use, their only drawback is poor charting capabilities. Unfortunately I have to use two other FX services for their charting, now I know why traders need multiple monitors. The FxTrade News service is excellent. I have recommended their demo trading account to others.
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I have been using Oanda's FxTrade Java Application for over 5 years now and I would say that it is one of the very good trading tools available.

I am sure Oanda does have a huge advantage due to the fact that they offer this trading tool.

I have suggested tons of people to open their accounts with Oanda due to ease of use for the newbies to learn and adapt to forex market using this application.

One major difference here is that a trader can actually buy any number of units instead of standard lots.
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Oanda is very simple to use and you can choose the exact lot size that fits into any percentage limit.
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for analysis the best platform is mt4, for execution the best is fxtrade
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Most of FXtrade is great, especially the order tickets with units and p/l with adjustable pips etc.

Look is great but the Charts just aren't good enough, they are by no means bad, but have nothing on MT4 expect on chart trading (moving SL and TP orders). I know of many people who chart with MT4 then execute with FXtrade which has no problems except slight slowing down.

On FXtrade I have better execution with less slippage than I do with many ECN's and even when I've used Morgan Stanley's Matrix system FXtrade was quicker and better. The spreads may be slightly wider but Oanda have to get paid so no complaints here.

All in all FXtrade is great and highly recommend to anyone trading.
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Oanda is the best.
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