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Aug 06 2015 at 18:28
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AliKhan1 posted:
Abdul2012 posted:
The EUR/USD price rose from the 1.0850 resistance level today. and i think it is risky to open a position case the bearish is not clear yet.

I think below 1.08900 this will fall hard...

We won't know until the NFP tomorrow.

Aug 07 2015 at 01:56
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NFP today, caution with trading.

Aug 07 2015 at 08:28
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Lets see how the market will react today. The expected that there will be no change in the NFP

Aug 07 2015 at 14:48
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EUR/USD recorded a weak growth record on Thursday. The positive session on Wednesday was extended, but the pair still remains below the resistance at 1.1004. It is expected that this level soon to be overcome, having in mind that short-term indicators are in favor of the single currency. The dynamic trade on Thursday launched at a price of 1.0905, as the peak of the day was recorded early in the morning at level 1.0942. The day ended at 19 pips higher.

Aug 07 2015 at 17:34
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Unfortunately not even the US Non-farm payrolls could end the EUR/USD consolidation. There was a lot of volatility but ultimately range continues. Right now the pair is testing the resistance at 1.0970, but today is Friday, so even if it breaks above it I doubt it'll reach the next resistance around 1.1070 before next week.

Aug 07 2015 at 19:56
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Seems that the EUR/USD going to close this week closer to the opening point under the 1.1070 resistance, and the bearish trend won't last longer.

Aug 07 2015 at 20:55
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Fed governor said that it is not a certainty the Federal Open Market Committee will raise rates during its September meeting.

Aug 07 2015 at 20:58
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Today dollar erased gains against the other major currencies. EURUSD was steady at 1.0931, off lows of 1.0856 hit earlier in the session.

Aug 07 2015 at 21:00
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Investors locked profits after data showing that U.S. nonfarm payrolls rose last month, albeit less then expected, added to expectations for a September rate hike by the Federal Reserve.

AliKhan1 (AliKhan1)
Aug 08 2015 at 09:19
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Will Wait for NFP data to come out... thanks mate

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