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Gewinn : +263.09%
Drawdown 32.30%
Pips: 14119.6
Trades 4574
Typ: Real
Hebel: 1:200
Trading: Automatisiert


ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Nov 18 2021 at 19:27
183 Posts

Rank 1 Indonesian Trader In Alpari International
Rank 10 Signal TRADER In Alparii International
Rank 4 In FXStats International

We rea back on TOP, New High Thanks God

I think,

Im Not Gonna told and exposed any hints new update on strategy in any forum EVER!!!!
Everytime i told update on strategy,
The NEXT Very DAY, Those Broker, F4cked Up The Slippage 5-15 pips Minus!!!!!!
Bla bla bla liquidity etc,
That mean your LP is F4ckd up!

So, FIX!
Im Not gonna tell any update about my algo, and strategy EVER!

For Copier,
Just Enjoy Ur Money, And Withdrawll routine every profits!
As I DID NOW!!!!
Before they found out way to messed with our trade again.
And as i found out too big, equity in master account, means = PROBLEM

10 thumbs up for Tickmill, Thanks for beeing so fair to us
But, if sh1t going silly like those brokers before,

We're out!

The MAM and PAMM for Tickmill, soon To be Announced!
We just need to finish paperworks, and send master fund

And Still many ECN brokers out there


Our system is
Technical and Fundamental Reversal Entry Trader
Calculating Fundamental News Before Entry, And Optimizing System Every Weeks to Adapt Current Markets

Rules Calculating Highest Average Range BAR for entry trade
Max Per Pair is 5 Open Trade with Moderate Lot
Average Trade Is Aiming 5-15 pips
Max trading hour is 6 hour in one day
Max Drawdown is targeted never exceed 20%
Happy Trading

If you See negative pips, its GOLD stoploss few weeks ago, but the Curecncy had KICK the EQUITY UP!

I trade my Own EA, Never Sell EA
ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Nov 20 2021 at 01:02
183 Posts
Happy Profit All! Discount before November end

our equity keep going up,
thats we gave discount under 29% fee

Only for subscriber jump in before november END

No Worry, we keep hustle update to current market condition!

I trade my Own EA, Never Sell EA
ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Nov 23 2021 at 23:50
183 Posts
the 3x times risk has already 640% Growth

its all yours,
free to choose


I trade my Own EA, Never Sell EA
ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Dec 08 2021 at 16:12
183 Posts
Growth 400-800%
Greetings all, welcome PROFITS, welcome December

All i got to do is make we all happy
Closing this year with 400% to 800% Capital gain is a blessed Xmast and NYE

Bukcle up, we still had 3 weeks to go before sleep well :)

I trade my Own EA, Never Sell EA
ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Dec 09 2021 at 06:38
183 Posts
Worry not , Recovery now lot faster than drawdown

Sudden Movement on GBP without NEWS,
Worry not, Recovery Speed now is lot faster than drawdown :)
We've been here very much time, see the curve since begining

See ya in Christmast

I trade my Own EA, Never Sell EA
ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Dec 15 2021 at 00:35
183 Posts
This for signal start follower

The Tickmill Master Account had been revised
i keep small money so the master would be more agile handling trade volume.
We dont use scramble multi fake TP again that most broker didnt allowed, multiple TP modified in one day almost 2000 modified fake TP

Now you can enjoy with out broker prohibited, we got new untold strategy now.

Im turning the risk little bit lower than ussual,
Since the MAM of tickmill using same signal master too, and it becoming huge with coorporation with few International IB

But what i found is, the copier system follower account money size is Too Big Now,
Few Some account using very big money on them,
The scrambel fake TP and SL, begin not working nicely, i had to intervere manually for the master account

I cant mention, but i definetly sure, in front of my eyes
This System already Effecting the market movement with too big volume for my experience

For own good of us,
Im considering to keept the signal Hidden from now on.
But idk, maybe need some discussion with the signal provider first about it.

So when you go out, the master signal wouldnt be found unless you contact signalstart internally

Best regards

I trade my Own EA, Never Sell EA
ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Dec 29 2021 at 21:55
183 Posts
hELLO New HIGH, Happy Newyear

As i promise, we will close this NYE with Profit Withdrawl
In New High

Happy Holiday

Performance Results 2021
Alpari Copy Trade 420% Growth (9 Month)
Alpari RU 700% ++ Growth (6 Month)
Tickmill Master Copier 440% Grothw (5 Month)
Tickmill MAM 15% (2 Weeks)

All risk been adjusted towards market condition, weekly jobs
Optimizing New Strategy is Keep developed in range of one weeks

I trade my Own EA, Never Sell EA
ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Jan 03 at 22:36
183 Posts
Hello, happy 2022

reporting 1st trade day in 2022
Alpari Copy Trade 403% growth
Alpari PAMM 716%
Tickmill Master Signal 500%
Tickmill MAM 20%

its gonna be a good year :)

I trade my Own EA, Never Sell EA
ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
Jan 13 at 06:35
183 Posts
722% growth



I trade my Own EA, Never Sell EA
ORD Equity (ORDExhaust)
12 Stunden zuvor
183 Posts
Last Friday we hit 20% drawdown on MAM, Vary on other account different risk different DD,
due to uncertatin anomaly Yen and Poundsterling movement in asian hour

But this confirming the system hidden stoploss is running well to protect our equity under 30% losses. ( or 45 on higher risk)
Worry not, since our average monthly Growth is 25%
So our equity will be in new high ( profitable area) with targeted under 1 month
And our algorhytm will be updated to coupe with this major curency movement in asian session.

Stay tune, and keep pumping

I trade my Own EA, Never Sell EA
9 Stunden zuvor
7 Posts
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