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BenefitEA''s Feed

Nani1Chritian Oct 19 at 07:29
yep, Thank you very much.
BenefitEA Oct 19 at 07:29
Have questions? Mail me.
BenefitEA Oct 19 at 07:28
Not at all =)
Nani1Chritian Oct 19 at 07:27
perfectly !
BenefitEA Oct 19 at 07:26
Yes all results from BenefitEA
BenefitEA Oct 19 at 07:25
Nani1Chritian Oct 19 at 07:20
Just wonder all these results from BenefitEA?
I didn't see this EA for mt4 on did you remove it?
BenefitEA Jun 18 2018 at 14:41
You need to understand that the program is a tool. A tool should be able to use. To analyze a chart. Start at the right time (it is desirable in the middle of the trend channel). In correct time to take profits (when all orders are closed.). To view the news and to stop work in dangerous periods. 
But first of all, you need to choose the right broker. We trade with NPBFX ( because they are one of the few who does not change the leverage and margin. The servers of the company are located in one of the most modern and safe data centers of the world: Equinix NY4, new York.
If you register in our affiliate program and make a deposit of $5000 we give EA with 50% discount, with the full set of options.
We do not sell an EA with martingale (although the Expert Advisor itself contains this system and there is the possibility of its full activation. it all depends on your deposit). We have other strategies. The advisor is built on a hybrid system that combines several mathematical systems, strategies, signals defining the entry points and so on. And we personally participate in the bidding using our tool.
The highlight is that EA is not showing the broker where he is going to make a profit. That is, trade as man. There is the possibility of increased profits due to the activation of additional functions. There are lots of options, and they are very flexible.
I want to focus your attention to second one of the most important factors. The speed of connection between the terminal and the broker server is important. Ideally-1-2ms. This is critically important. Breakdown of the chart up or down during active trading should be worked out by the bot. This is the key to the quality and proper operation of the bot.
BenefitEA Jun 18 2018 at 14:41
Benefit EA is a non-indicative flexible grid adviser with special entry points that provide a statistical advantage, revealed through the mathematical modeling of market patterns.

The advisor does not use stop-loss, all trades are closed on take-profit or trail-stop. There is an opportunity to plan for lot increases.

Advance settings for professionals and a flexible system of tinctures for different styles of trade.

"Shortening", "scalping" "fletation", etc.

Trade with any instrument on any time frame in automatic and semi-automatic modes.

In case of communication loss event is processed and will not affect the course of trade
Chakraji Apr 21 2019 at 06:19
Good day. Impressive monitoring. What are the settings for the robot?
BenefitEA Apr 23 2019 at 06:31
Hello.All settings are worth the money. Partners - for free. Those who buy to work with their broker - 100 €
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