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SnapDragon2016''s Feed

SnapDragon2016 Nov 15 2016 at 12:11
Well I learned a lesson last night with Lion FX.

DO NOT adjust trade sizes etc when I am half asleep lol
I busted my account.

So I reset it back to the way it was at approx 1290 and reset the settings the way they were.

For any that are wondering, I am looking at trade history to judge this EA, not single trade values.

Consistent winning choices is more valuable to me than a few big trades.

SnapDragon2016 Oct 23 2016 at 06:29
Well its all finally set ..... phew

I have PSAR from setup with the broker "Oanda"

I have Lion FX from setup with the broker "OctaFX"

I decided to separate the 2 EAs onto separate brokers to show that each one is ahieving its own success/failure.

I am using all recommended settings with the exception of lot sizes.

Cheers all and happy trading