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blazan''s Feed

Blazan Jan 30 2012 at 20:29
I am now watching a total of 9 pairs and taking the first 3 trades available at one time using my method. My Expert Advisor is almost complete as far as tweaks and bug fixes. The EA is working fantastic as far as finding my setup, placing the trade, moving the stop as the trade progresses, handling money management and compounding, and is capable of numerous indicator based exits and manual adjustments. It is truly a work of art. Thank you to my programmer P!
Blazan Dec 31 2011 at 00:51
As we prepare to enter the New Year of 2012, the Forex market is definitely THE way to make money in today's economy if you are an Average Joe. 2011 has been a very productive year for me personally as I have fine tuned the method I am using in my Live Trading. Most if not all of the bugs that I found in my EA were fixed and the EA is now capable of entering me into trades and using the exit of my choice based on how each trade develops.

I am truly thankful to my EA developer P. who has done an outstanding job of making addittions and corrections that I have requested throughout this year. I am extremely satisfied with what I have at my disposal now through the EA and I'm now ready to take my trading to another level in the coming New Year.

GOD Bless everyone and Happy Trading.
Blazan Dec 05 2011 at 16:27
Today's market is not necessarily a robust one but there have been opportunities to trade for decent 50 pip gains or so. This is dependent upon what method you are using of course. For my method, there are existing 4 Hour Trends in place with my indicators on 2 of the 4 pairs I watch.