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jimmy8378''s Feed

jimmy8378 Jul 06 2020 at 23:56
Hi guys, I have retired my personal accounts and have recently started running a Signal account and a MAM account. They will only have trades from the EAs with no manual trades, and the risk is well controlled (max lifetime DD <50-60% on the Signal account, and <20-30% on the MAM account). You can follow my new Myfxbook profile here:
OutsideTheBoxHK May 11 2018 at 08:56
Just vouched for your system. It's a bit borderline for me, but I do recognize your talent, unless you are using someone else's system. You now have 3 vouchers, so you are now eligible to vouch for other systems here on MyFXBook. Congrats!
vramirez Mar 21 2018 at 16:04
I dont know how you get profit with this EA... Im trying SFE PriceAction in autotrader and all the months close with losses. -30% -40% etc. Whats the correct configuration for get your results?
OutsideTheBoxHK Mar 14 2018 at 06:47
I like your system here.
I wish I could "vouch" for it using the MyFXBook system for that, but I first must have 3 "vouches" for my own system posted here before I have privilege to do that.