leehm Sep 24 2018 at 16:57
Febonacci Forex Robot V 2.5.2.

Hi, fyi. Just to caution you about leo23 and his Febonacci Forex Robot V 2.5.2.

I am his customer, have subscribed to his service and get opposite result form the Febonacci Forex Robot V 2.5.2.
I have incurred loss and he just gave some reason and now not trading my account any more. I questioned him in the myfxbook and he gave a vague answer and then blocked me from further questioning/challenges to avoid looking bad in the forum.

Many people (including me) have revealed the truth and/or challenged him in the myfxbook forum. He cunningly give some vague answer to show people he has answered, and then block us to prevent further questioning/challenging/negative post. That's why there is no subsequent posting to question him any more from same person. Cos all were block and cannot challenge him any more. This is to disguise that he is credible. Please be very careful and don't fall into his trap.

You may want to ask him if he did block all those people who question/challenge him earlier, and see if he admits.
Or you can try question/challenge him and see if we are correct. I am pretty sure if the questions are too painful for him, he will answer you vaguely and then block you from further posting/questioning.

If you wish to continue with him, wish you good luck.