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nickheik Apr 23 at 17:17
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RoFx Mar 03 at 16:31
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RoFx Mar 03 at 16:23
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ryan4097 Mar 04 at 06:58
aIIimake Mar 02 at 12:28
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Shaw W Siddiqi
Shaw W Siddiqi Feb 16 at 18:35
Any one answering any questions here? Or is this a hocus-pocus acct by corporate?
Shaw W Siddiqi
Shaw W Siddiqi Feb 16 at 18:27
why does RoFx continually delete former accounts here at ?
why did they delete all posts from 2833933 link & all those comments?
ryan4097 Feb 19 at 04:37
Have you asked customer service?
Shaw W Siddiqi
nsapresident Feb 20 at 18:27
in the chat box and customer service 800 number they have no answer to these type of serious questions. They can only answer how to wire in monies etc.
ryan4097 Feb 09 at 07:19
Do you work for ROFX?