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Posts by AnalyzedIncome

in srinatha feed Feb 27 2015 at 19:40
its betteer to close positions now and avoid risk ur way ahead of everyone
in buff_0 feed Feb 25 2015 at 09:18
it wld be better if u avoid trading during news time coz emotions fluctuates more during tht time and if u wanna trade then trade small lot for example 1000 usd account u can try 0.01 so if u loose 100 pips u will loose only 1 % or if u make 100 pips u will make 1 % in case of loosing wait till support or resistance 3 and see when the price is reversing and make a good entry based on that tht way u can not only recover ur 1 % but make 1 -2 % profit too if u open 0.05 or keep scalping with 0.05
in buff_0 feed Feb 25 2015 at 09:18
everyone can figure out correct time but not the correct price it depends on ur trading style if u trade intrady what is ur style trend trading or counter trend , once u decide which one is yours then choose the pair which is most suitable at that time and remain active in only one pair that way ur risk will be very minimum compared to entry in more than one pair and its more easy to recover tooo if ur trade went wrong and ur short or long term analysis is correct jst apply money management to ur trade remember if u make 0.05 % also on each day and loose around 1-2% and lets say ur profitability is 70% then also u will end up in profit jst manage ur trades with money management
in buff_0 feed Feb 24 2015 at 07:49
if what u r saying is true then i think ur overtrading with every possible opportunity , thts the biggest mistake which many traders do avoid doing it try trading 2-8 trades only when risk is less in trade i hope u know how to see which trade has less risk and fast recovery if ur able to do that u can make profitable trades best advice from me to improve ur trade is every time u open a trade write down why u opened it and what kind of profit u are expecting from it on basis of what u wrote i thing u trade intraday so on an average try to take atleast 10-20 pips from a trade if u cant see u can atleast take 10 pips from a trade dont open u will do good with trades
in buff_0 feed Feb 23 2015 at 07:16
if greed is killing you the only thing that can save u is money management if u cant use money management use stop loss and jst remember one thing while u are emotionally distressed and facing loss there is always another day so take the loss so u can recover in next day or a week greed and non acceptance are the biggest reasons of failures in forex
in buff_0 feed Feb 20 2015 at 13:16
scalpers dont succeed in long term so if u plan to become successfull trade carefull and avoid the gamblers curiousity
in buff_0 feed Feb 20 2015 at 13:16
thtss good but to be a good trader you need to decide what kind of trading you wanna do daily or short term or long term create rules for it and stick to them u will succeed