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Posts by BluePanther

in iticsoftware feed Aug 01 2014 at 08:35
I'm guessing the same result as the Wolf Wave EA I purchased a while ago which didn't quite perform as promised?
in pipable feed Apr 07 2014 at 06:46
Okay. If you do in future, please let me know. Thanks.
in pipable feed Apr 06 2014 at 23:56
I would like to purchase your EA please. I can't use subscription services, so I need a stand alone EA to use on my account. Please tell me how much and where I can obtain a copy?
in cheytach feed Feb 05 2014 at 06:06
Demo only? Please... get serious!
in MartinC feed Feb 01 2014 at 07:13
Please return the favour: if we submit an EA which we believe (or know) can perform to your specifications, can you please share the system on here for everyone's benefit? I would also be open to trading EAs, so if you have profitable EAs I will swap mine with you!
in sPhantom feed Jan 31 2014 at 20:20
I can see what you see in the history my friend. However, this "grid" is limited to TWO trades only - this could hardly be considered a grid in my books. A definition of a classic grid can be found here: I understand there are variations on this (eg. no entry criteria, no SL / TP), but this is no more a grid than a hedge trade on and of itself.
in sPhantom feed Jan 31 2014 at 14:02
Now what? Will this system be deleted and a new account opened up to try to garner more business? A fundamental problem has been exposed, and unless the system is improved you can expect the same result in future (just stating the obvious...)
in sPhantom feed Jan 31 2014 at 13:54
But thanks for explaining what everyone can already see... I mean that I need to go back to school, and that the strategy is part of a modified grid (what grid...??). Job well done professor (of bullshit). :P
in sPhantom feed Jan 31 2014 at 13:51
@FD: Glad you think 5% losses are extremely good - the world needs more losers like you!
in sPhantom feed Jan 31 2014 at 10:08
The only thing I don't like and which keeps me from buying it is the 5% losing trades that seem to occur quite frequently (if you look at the history). It is also great that they share everything on myfxbook to allow better scrutiny, but it is this frequent losing trade that causes me to dislike their strategy. 5% is a considerable amount to lose and the account has to make back twice as much (10%) in order to reach where it was previously.